Technology Trends 2018

6 Popular Trends to Influence Technology Industry in 2018

The quest for AI began over 60 years ago with the idea that machines would one day have an ability to solve problems that we humans do with our natural ...
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C-level Executives

How to Target the C-level Executives to Close Deals Faster

Selling to C-level officers with decision-making powers in an organization is not an easy job for any marketer or sales professional. Approaching these executives require robust strategy and detailed knowledge ...
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Digital Media Effect

Predicting Advertising Future: The Digital Media Effect

There is no doubt, which advertising is profoundly influenced by digital media, due to rising effect of mobile usage, but you know the surprising part it is going local too ...
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BLack Friday E-Sales

Learning from Black Friday: 4 Ultimate Merits Of Having Powerful Campaign Management Solutions

Year after year, it is not just the retailers who make the most out of clever campaign tactics. Enter Black Friday, and it marks the beginning of one of the ...
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Stuck with blogging ideas

Stuck with Blogging Ideas? Here are 5 ways to get inspired when you can’t write a thing.

Have you come across situations where you have so much to write but stressed out and tired? The fact is, yes blogging is sometimes not easy as it sounds to ...
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