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Market Research in Decision Making

Why Market Research Is Crucial In Strategic Decision-Making?

In today's era, business is not just about buying and selling. The scope is more significant than that intending to achieve constant profits, clients' sustainability, and company reputation within the ...
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Business Email Lists

Business Mailing Lists: Learn the Importance and Earn the Benefits

A business mailing list is a storehouse of information. Businesses use mailing lists to send promotional offers, newsletter, and marketing campaigns to prospects. A mailing list consists of the email ...
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Lead Management Process

Lead Management: 4 Reasons where It Won’t Work

Lead management is an essential process in an organization. It needs the right monitoring and streamlined approach, so that, only the qualified lead gets added into the database. As organizations ...
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Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead Yet

In the digital age, traditional practices like sending a postcard, brochures, and letters are fading away. These days, direct mail marketing is slowly getting replaced with digital marketing. However, against ...
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Lead generation Strategies

5 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

A lead is what we understand is a potential client who shows their interest in a brand’s product or services. Quality lead generation is the backbone of a powerful B2B ...
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