CCPA Compliance – A Detailed Guide

It’s been just a year that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into play, and soon the entire approach towards data changed. Businesses became more conscious and responsible towards the way they handle customer data not only of the European Union (EU) citizens but also globally. Following a similar path, even the state of California came up with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to offer its citizens a set of new data privacy rights. While the California Mayor Brown signed the Assembly Bill (AB) 375, popularly known as CCPA in June 2018 to make it a law, the final implementation date is slated to be on January 1st, 2020.

In a time when businesses were already struggling to comply with GDPR, the introduction of CCPA and the news of its implementation added to their woes. While the new regulation guaranteed new rights for citizens, it created pressure on businesses who now will have to make structural changes to their privacy policy if they conduct business in California and deal with the consumer data of the state’s citizens.

So, Should Our Clients Need to Worry?

Not at all. Like the way, GDPR implementation happened smoothly with the assistance from our cross-functional team. Similarly, businesses who are our clients need not worry. We are there to help. The moment we got aware of the latest developments in the data privacy norms across the state of California, we started preparing to ensure we are compliant so that we can later help our clients with necessary CCPA guidance and offer them compliant data solutions and services.

We are ready with our CCPA compliant services that will ensure our clients stay compliant while doing business in the state of California.

In adherence to the CCPA guidelines and regulations, eSalesData has taken the following measures to comply with data privacy requirements:
Our Exclusive CCPA Services Can Help You Stay Compliant

After ensuring that all our data privacy policies and systems are in compliance with CCPA, the next thing we started working on how we can help our clients combat the CCPA challenge. While many are confused and have no idea what to do and how to do, our CCPA oriented services aim to help businesses address the compliance regulations set by the California state on time. Together with CCPA specialists and experts, we have developed the following services to help our clients in their compliance check. Here is the list of services:

For further details about CCPA guidelines and assistance, reach our experts at:
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Our Exclusive CCPA Services Can Help You Stay Compliant

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