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First introduced in 2012, Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of applications has become a leading operational solution for most prominent industries. The software’s focus on accounting, financial, project and procurement management makes it indispensable to the most recognized organizations that operate today.

Oracle, alongside SAP, is currently the leading vendor in the global ERP market. And with the market projected to reach a valuation of $100.7 billion by 2025, this dominance will only grow further.

Our Oracle ERP Customers List can help B2B businesses access the existing user base of the software. Hosting thoroughly verified and responsive contact details, this contact list can serve as an access point for software companies or help them expand their promotional reach.

To elaborate, here is a list of companies using Oracle ERP in USA:

Company Name Official Website Revenue in USD Employee Size Country
General Electric https://www.ge.com/ 74.2 B 168,000 US
Arrow Electronics https://www.arrow.com/ 30.47 B 20,700 US
Cisco https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/ 49.81 B 83,200 US
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/ 10 B 18,000 US
AT&T Inc. https://www.att.com/ 168.8 B 203,000 US
eBay https://www.ebay.com/ 10.42 B 10,800 US
Intuit Inc. https://www.intuit.com/ 12.72 B 14,200 US
CVS Health https://www.cvshealth.com/ 292.11 B 295,000 US
ExxonMobil Corporation https://corporate.exxonmobil.com/ 276.69 B 64,000 US
Zoom https://zoom.us/ 2.65 B 6,700 US

The listed organizations are prominent industry leaders in their related sectors. And by leveraging our Oracle ERP customers list, marketers can execute a successful sales pitch to these companies. That would then directly lead to businesses experiencing improved brand and product visibility.

Target Specific Market Niches With A Customized & Segmented Oracle ERP Customers List

The hosted Oracle ERP customers list is carefully segmented to enable marketers to adopt a streamlined approach to prospect identification. In addition, the provided information can be further customized according to campaign objectives. That allows businesses to implement a targeted marketing campaign.

Some of the included selects in the list are as follows:

All the listed selects undergo regular updates to ensure consistency with new industry developments. Moreover, our experts conduct a thorough internal evaluation to ensure a high deliverability rate and that provided Oracle ERP customers list meets specific business requirements.

As a result, businesses can leverage accurate data solutions to access a receptive market base, regardless of geographic location.

Expand Your Total Addressable Market with List of Companies Using Oracle ERP

The companies using Oracle ERP are spread across multiple sectors. Due to the application suite providing critical organizational support, its features serve as a foundational pillar for operational efficiency.

As such, incorporating contact details of the companies using Oracle ERP can provide businesses with ground-level access to new market segments. Conversely, businesses can leverage the information to expand their promotional reach in a specific niche.

Some of the organizations that frequently rely on our Oracle ERP Customers List are based in the following industries:

Essentially, these data sets are beneficial not just for promoting software products or services but also for perpetuating industry connections. By merely identifying similar target segments, markets can modify their product and include features that appeal to a broader audience.

Launch Secure Promotional Campaigns Through Verified Oracle ERP Customers List

The hosted Oracle ERP customers list undergoes a two-fold verification process. First, the contact details are exclusively sourced from legitimate channels, thereby ensuring data accuracy. Some of the sources and avenues that our experts use to collect the related data include:

Following this, the gathered information is evaluated for relevancy, accuracy and responsiveness. In addition, the internal team follows stringent guidelines to ensure that the list of companies using Oracle ERP is:

The inclusion of such exhaustive measures helps businesses launch secure B2B campaigns that are guaranteed to bring better ROI and revenue.

Execute Multichannel Strategies Through Comprehensive Oracle ERP Clients List

The Oracle ERP clients list have a significant portion of their operations rooted in digital platforms. Due to this, marketers can find it challenging to build an effective engagement strategy.

Thus, our experts incorporate a range of contact details in Oracle ERP clients list. As such, businesses can choose to include any of the provided information, including email IDs, mailing addresses and social media handles, to conceptualize a compelling promotional strategy.

Following that, software product marketers can either launch responsive email or telemarketing campaigns. Conversely, if the goal is to highlight product features, organizations can directly mail a sample to the critical industry figures. That would eliminate any prolonged lobbying phases.

Why Choose eSalesData’s Oracle ERP Customers List?

We recognize the impact of data-driven marketing solutions on a campaign. Due to this belief, we curate the Oracle ERP Customers List to include precise and relevant prospect information.

 As such, our database of companies that use Oracle ERP stand as a comprehensive resource that helps B2B companies execute impactful promotional pitches. To summarize, the provided contact information offers benefits such as:

Over the years, we have helped countless organizations scale their B2B marketing efforts. And the primary contributing factor to our success is our focus on providing thoroughly verified and well-structured Oracle ERP clients list. From email and telemarketing campaigns to offline marketing, there’s nothing that our Oracle ERP customers list cannot help you with.

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