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ServiceNow offers a cloud computing platform for businesses to track and digitalize their operations in a consolidated space. With the Service Now market share at an all-time high of 51.1%, it caters to renowned enterprises worldwide.

Hence, acquiring a ServiceNow customers list from eSalesData can benefit your marketing campaigns. Connect with hundreds of decision-makers and gain data insights with our segmented database to power your outreach efforts.

Cease your reluctance about legal compliance as eSalesData’s ServiceNow clients list is secured from public records with adherence to data privacy laws. Focus on the contents of our expansive customer list and devise personalized campaigns to expand your reach!

Top Companies That Use ServiceNow in the US

Company Name Company Website (No. Of Employees) Company Size Revenue in USD Country
Delta Airlines https://www.delta.com/ 83,000 46 billion US
Jabil https://www.jabil.com/ 2,60,000+ 29.3 billion US
Cox Automotive https://www.coxautoinc.com/ 34,000 20 billion US
DXC Technology https://dxc.com/us/en/ 1,30,000 16.27 billion US
Corteva Agriscience https://www.corteva.com/ 21,000 15.66 billion US
Conagra Brands https://www.conagrabrands.com/ 18,000 11.05 billion US
Asurion https://www.asurion.com/ 20,000+ 8.5 billion US
NBA https://www.nba.com/ 1,000+ 8.3 billion US
Fairview https://www.fairview.org/ 34,000 6 billion US
Zoom https://zoom.us/ 2,500+ 4.385 billion US

Gain Access to Segmented Audience Insights with ServiceNow Customers List

By providing sub-groups in our ServiceNow customers list, eSalesData ensures that you can understand prospects’ demographics and firmographics. Our database is carefully divided into multiple segments according to individual business requirements to accentuate the readability of our lists and prevent you from sending untargeted messages that alienate users.

Some data points included with the list of companies using ServiceNow are as follows.

Transparency in Demographic Scores with our Segmented ServiceNow Clients List

Specific data points like demographic scores speak about the engagement of prospects. Using our segmented ServiceNow clients list, you can obtain genuine insights into each prospect’s engagement with your campaigns. Classifying each user into sub-groups will assist you in gauging the effectiveness of your campaigns and detecting which audience group is interacting more frequently.

Based on further analysis, you can involve the sales teams and convert these users into clients.

Here are some industries that can benefit from our list of companies that use ServiceNow.

• Banks & Financial institutions
• Safety equipment manufacturers
• Staffing agencies
• IT companies
• Office furniture manufacturers and wholesalers
• Law firms
• Insurance agents
• Event organizing companies

Take Possession of an Authentic List of Companies Using ServiceNow

In-house data experts collate the comprehensive list of companies using ServiceNow. Our team analyses hundreds of public records and sources to gather raw, unintelligible data that is later converted into an organized, segmented customer list.

By the time our ServiceNow clients list reaches you, it has been subjected to stringent cross-checks against sources like governmental records and organizational directories. The team at eSalesData also ensures that the customer lists follow the standards below.

In addition to encountering minimum cold leads due to industry-certified standards, here are some other benefits you gain by acquiring our list of companies using ServiceNow.

Efficient Marketing Attribution with Multi-Channel Campaigns

The B2B marketing landscape heavily relies on data-based insights, achievable through analysis of multiple marketing channels. In turn, the actionable data helps improve campaigns and increase user retention.

However, multi-channel marketing is only possible with a reliable ServiceNow customers list from eSalesData. Using the contact information in our lists, you can target prospects on their preferred channel for faster response rates and encourage interaction. Doing so enhances your brand visibility while ensuring your marketing campaigns reach numerous prospects.

Undertake flexible email marketing campaigns to boost revenue or rely on a direct marketing approach with our customizable list of companies that use ServiceNow!

Why choose the List of ServiceNow Customers from eSalesData?

As a B2B solutions and service brand, we have assisted several notable names in our twelve years of experience in the market. With an emphasis on targetability and an aim to connect you with verified B2B contacts worldwide, our ServiceNow clients list is prepared from the choicest sources.

By connecting with us, you can gain a customer list laden with the following features.

Improve Market Penetration with Accurate ServiceNow Customers List!

The ServiceNow customer base is more accessible than ever with our dedicated ServiceNow customers list.  Reach out to key industry prospects to convey the value of your solutions and convince them to travel further in the sales funnel.

Simultaneously, our constantly-updated ServiceNow clients list will assist you in understanding prospects better, resulting in effective lead enrichment. Once the users are convinced of the relevance of your offerings, you can move ahead in the buying cycle.

However, keeping them engaged throughout the cycle is vital using data points from our customers’ lists. Ultimately, you improve customer retention while increasing the demand for your products in the B2B landscape.

So, contact eSalesData now to understand our solutions better!

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