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SAP is a suite of enterprise management software applications developed by a German-based company of the same name. Founded by a handful of former IBM employees, the organization is the 3rd largest ERP and business intelligence solutions provider in the current market.

And with the ERP market’s year-on-year growth exceeding 10% consistently, targeting the application’s existing user base could prove to be an immensely profitable opportunity for B2B marketers.

At eSalesData, we host an SAP Customers List that could give marketers access to the platform’s most prominent clients. Well-structured, pre-verified and, most importantly, responsive, our data sets can help businesses identify receptive leads for their software product while segmenting them according to campaign relevance.

As such, some of the companies that use SAP include:

Company NameOfficial WebsiteRevenueEmployee SizeCountry
The Walt Disney Companywww.thewaltdisneycompany.com/$67.41 B195,000US
eBaywww.ebay.com/$10.42 B10800US
Ford Motor Companywww.ford.com/$136.3 B186,000US
Coca Colawww.coca-colacompany.com/$37.27 B79,000US
Burger Kingwww.bk.com/$1.81 B34,248US
Amazonwww.amazon.com/$469.82 B1,523,000US
IBMwww.ibm.com/in-en$57.35 B282,100US
Walmartwww.walmart.com/$572.8 B2,300,000US
Applewww.apple.com/$365.82 B154,000US
Pfizerwww.pfizer.com/$81.29 B79,000US

As evident from the table above, marketers could connect with industry giants by merely accessing the information we provide. That would automatically help bring visibility to their product and brand.

As a result, they establish themselves as forerunners in their niche.

Build Focused Marketing Strategies Through A Customizable & Segmented SAP Clients List

It’s critical to adopt a targeted approach in the current B2B marketing landscape. To help in this regard, we carefully segment with  SAP Clients List according to specific markers. That enables marketers to quickly identify receptive prospects and, more importantly, their current pain points.

Some of the offered selects include:

Businesses can also customize the List of SAP Customers further according to their campaign requirements. That ensures that each data set offers relevant information to help develop compelling sales pitches.

As a result, marketers can use the provided contact details to access their desired audience, regardless of their current limitations.

Establish Your Presence In Multiple Markets Through A Reliable SAP Clients List

The companies that use SAP are some of the most prominent organizations in the world. And that, by itself, is a perfect opportunity for B2B marketers to establish their presence in multiple global industries.

By simply highlighting a product to the software’s existing client base, businesses can bring substantial attention to what they offer. To elaborate, here are a few of the sectors that regularly use our data sets:

Essentially, our SAP clients list can bring you into contact with some of the most profitable markets that exist currently. More importantly, you can use the provided contact details to build strategic partnerships or adjust a product to help make it more appealing to a particular niche. The possibilities are endless!

Guaranteed Campaign Security Through A Pre-Verified List of SAP Customers

A promotional campaign cannot sustain itself when based on unverified data. If marketers go down this route, they stake the credibility of their brand. And once that is compromised, their subsequent pitches are perceived in a somewhat negative light.

To help in this regard, we take a multi-step approach in our data validation process. First, the hosted list of SAP customers is gathered exclusively from legitimate information channels. Some of the sources we rely on are as follows:

After data collection, all the details go through an internal evaluation to help assess accuracy, responsiveness and overall market relevance. Moreover, our experts ensure that the contact details of companies that use SAP software are as follows:

The provision of such extensive measures helps advertisers launch secure campaigns without the risk of redundant or outdated data jeopardizing their operations.

Assured Multichannel Marketing Support With A Responsive SAP Customers List

Due to the agility and optimization that SAP brings to enterprise management, 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies have adopted the software. In short, a SAP customers list could serve as an entry point for multiple profitable sectors.

To help marketers streamline their approach to these prominent companies, we incorporate a range of contact details in each of the hosted data sets. These include email IDs, tele-contacts, postal addresses and social media handles.

So, if the objective is to launch email or telemarketing campaigns, businesses could simply incorporate the provided information to create relevant pitches. Conversely, marketers can leverage the mailing addresses to send direct product samples.

Finally, organizations could create actionable social media content to engage critical industry figures on online channels.

In addition, our SAP Customers List hosts information on the software’s existing client base according to specific product usage. In other words, we provide contact data for companies that use the following:

Simply put, it doesn’t matter which market base you want to capture. With us, everything is easily achievable.

Why Choose eSalesData’s Marketing Solutions?

We cannot stress enough on the importance of data-driven marketing strategies in the current B2B climate. But we can equip marketers with the necessary tools to navigate the existing challenges in this space effectively.

As such, our databases provide comprehensive information on all the global companies that use SAP. And by simply incorporating these details into your marketing efforts, you could build a campaign that not only creates an impact but also sets you up for subsequent ventures.

There’s no need to hesitate a second longer. Contact our sales executives to discuss any business requirements. We promise, with us, you could scale B2B growth in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the SAP customer database hosts a range of contact details, including email IDs, tele-contacts, postal addresses and online handles. Using the provided information, marketers can seamlessly launch promotional campaigns on their preferred channels.

SAP provides its suite of applications to most Fortune 500 companies alongside some prominent global organizations. Some examples include Apple, IBM, Amazon and the Ford Motor Company.

Yes, it is. You can also customize the provided contact data according to your preference. We host information on companies across the globe. Once you convey your requirements, we can curate a list based on your objectives.

The SAP customers list is updated every 90 to ensure complete accuracy. During this process, all outdated information is removed and replaced with relevant prospect details.

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