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PostgreSQL is an open-source, highly stable object-relational database system that helps to store data points in rows, with columns as different data attributes. Its special functions help create new applications, maintain data integrity, and build robust and secure settings. The PostgreSQL market share in the industry is 15.27%, making it one of the most used software solutions among competitors.

If companies using PostgreSQL are your target audience, marketers can hit the jackpot. However, reaching out the elite customers of PostgreSQL becomes difficult due to the scarcity of data. That’s where eSalesData comes to play!

Our database of companies that use PostgreSQL helps you connect with targeted clients and get the best returns on campaigns and brand awareness.

Here’s a quick snapshot of 10 companies using PostgreSQL and other relevant details to boost your marketing drives:

Company NameWebsiteEmployee SizeRevenueCountry
Applewww.apple.com154,000$387 BillionUnited States
IMDBwww.imdb.com391$88 MillionUnited States
Instagramwww.instagram.com25,110$9 BillionUnited States
RunKeeperwww.runkeeper.com116$9 BillionUnited States
Redditwww.reddit.com1,300$312 MillionUnited States
Dellwww.dell.com133,000$104 BillionUnited States
SpaceXwww.spacex.com7,085$2 BillionUnited States
Ciscowww.cisco.com79,500$51 BillionUnited States
Citi Groupwww.citigroup.com210,000$75 BillionUnited States

Get Competitive Marketing Edge with Segmented PostgreSQL Clients Database

Data segmentations help you target your niche audience based on different brackets, such as from a particular industry, geographical location, revenue, or company size. It’s no secret that finding your niche audience helps you get better results. In turn, you send your pitch to organizations that are relevant and interested in your business solutions.

To aid marketers with tools to penetrate the market, our data specialists create a highly-segmented PostgreSQL Clients contact database .

Broaden Market Reach Across Industries with PostgreSQL Clients List

With the help of the PostgreSQL clients list, eSalesData will help you increase your business goals faster and more effectively. Our highly segmented and personalized lists ensure you receive the desired outcomes. We have a competent team of data experts that provides tailor-made data solutions for your business requirements.

Besides, all our lists are systematically designed to cater to a wide range of industries to broaden your market reach at reasonable prices. The industries that can use our PostgreSQL clients email addresses:

Witness Rapid Business Growth with Authentic PostgreSQL Customers List

Better lead acquisition is possible only with consolidated data gathered from reliable and authentic data sources. Otherwise, it can end in fewer responses and a weak brand image. eSalesData’s accurate PostgreSQL customers list helps you climb up the success ladder.

Our email database warrants that your messages reach the right audience and prompt a better response. For that, our data specialists use a comprehensive research approach to gather data from dependable resources such as:

Refrain from sullying your chances of eliciting better ROIs. eSalesData’s PostgreSQL customers list undergoes consistent updates complying with the latest industry standards.

We know you want to avoid risking your business revenues because of ill-targeted b2b outreach campaigns. That’s why our data experts relentlessly collect, examine and collate data to create a database of companies that use PostgreSQL.

Generate Qualified Leads from Effective Multichannel Campaigns

eSalesData believes and understands the implications of using inaccurate contact details and losing resources in worthless campaigns. As such, it ensures you reap the maximum benefits of PostgreSQL users contact information.  We offer personalized content and design suitable for every prominent marketing channel.

Our data solutions are cost-effective and help marketers reach their potential audience with a high response rate. Along with the data, eSalesData also ensures to provide better insights to improve the ROI of the next campaign.

Using our responsive list of companies that use PostgreSQL, you can plan direct promotional events and activate targeted email marketing campaigns. Moreover, our database also allows marketers to pitch their products and services through telemarketing channels.

Why Choose eSalesData?

Data accuracy is paramount in establishing brand dominance and penetrating a new market. Our AI and machine learning-powered tools aid multi-tier quality checks to curtail anomalies when it comes to data consistency and precision.

Whether it’s the physical address, phone number, or email contact, the data tends to change over time. That’s why our expert teams work endlessly to ensure optimum accuracy and delivery rates. That said, every data point in our databases is meticulously verified and then re-verified to provide the best results for our clients.

Our data solutions ensure you get the following:

eSalesData is the frontrunner in the data solution market. We have delivered reliable, accurate, and winning data solutions with unbeatable quality standards. As a result, using the expertise and dedicated workforce, eSalesData has successfully built an expansive global network clientele.

So, if you are a marketer and your goal is to be a roaring success and increase brand visibility, consider partnering with eSalesData.  

Our data experts will gauge your marketing objectives and provide a highly customized and responsive list of companies that use PostgreSQL that aligns with your goals.

Look no further to unleash your business potential when eSalesData is here. Get started today!

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