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Shopify offers a consolidated platform for businesses to possess a digital presence to attract customers. It has assisted over four million stores in gaining an online presence and is expected to accentuate its revenue by over 30% in the next two years. As such, it continues to attract more businesses.

However, it can be difficult for B2B marketers to connect with these businesses directly without a Shopify customers list from eSalesData. With an extensive database, you gain access to some of the top companies using Shopify to market your solutions.

Top Companies that Use Shopify in the US

Out of four million businesses worldwide, sixty-six percent of companies using Shopify are in the United States. Connecting with them allows you to access an untapped market and secure a competitive edge while cementing your reputation among mammoth companies.

To better understand the reach of our list of Shopify customer list, here are some notable Shopify customers in the US.

Company NameWebsiteEmployee SizeRevenueCountry
Redbullwww.redbull.com12,619$6 billionUS
PepsiCowww.pepsico.com3,09,000$80 billionUS
Heinzwww.heinz.com36,000$25.81 billionUS
Fitbitwww.fitbit.com1,500+$1.21 billionUS
Netflixwww.netflix.shop11,300$31.47 billionUS
Teslashop.tesla.com99,000+$74.863 billionUS
Sephorawww.sephora.com1,600+$5.01 billionUS
Rebecca Minkoffwww.rebeccaminkoff.com150+$91 millionUS
Whole Foods Marketwww.wholefoodsmarket.com86,645$14 billionUS
Anheuser-Busch InBevwww.shopbeergear.com1,50,000+$15,091 millionUS

How do we Segment Shopify Customers List?

eSalesData offers a pre-made Shopify customers list with multiple customizations according to your business needs. Once you contact our team, we factor in your target market and clients to prepare an extensively segmented list.

The Shopify clients list from eSalesData is segmented into multiple categories to ease the identification of common attributes of each client. These categories include:

Using this information, it is possible to secure prospect insights and analyze existing patterns to apply the best marketing strategies.

Mass-Personalized Campaigns with a Segmented List of Companies Using Shopify

B2B marketing efforts often produce significant cold leads, especially if the campaigns are not personalized for the clients. Using our segmented list of companies using Shopify, you can identify opportunities in the market and analyze client patterns to undertake mass-personalized campaigns.

Our database allows you the flexibility to resonate with prospective buyers and convince them to discuss their business requirements. Since Shopify caters to various organizations, here are some businesses that can benefit from our Shopify customer database.

Gain Lifetime Access to an Authentically Sourced List of Companies That Use Shopify

The team at eSalesData comprises certified data experts who analyze hundreds of directories to secure list of companies using Shopify. Through multiple cross-checks and levels of verification, the unintelligible data is converted to clear and concise information with specific segments.

Our experts periodically weed out redundant contacts to eliminate the chances of encountering cold leads. In addition, our database is synonymous with the following compliances.

Along with our compliance with data privacy laws, we offer benefits like:

Reap the Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing with Shopify Clients List

The most significant peril of B2B marketing includes the presence of a limited client base. As such, it can be challenging to reach many prospects, primarily if you rely on a single channel.

You can circumvent this dilemma by engaging in multi-channel marketing with our Shopify clients list. You can connect with genuine prospects worldwide through carefully-curated email, mailing, and contact lists. Our lists allow you to send any sales pitch or direct links to clients on their preferred channels to make it easy for them to communicate with you.

The Shopify customer database equips you with extensive and authentic information, allowing you to leverage the strengths of each communication channel to deliver a robust campaign.

Choose eSalesData to Eliminate Exhaustive Lead Generation

eSalesData offers a consolidated platform for all your database requirements. With over 12 years of expertise, we offer comprehensive and verified contact lists that help cater to marketing KPIs and promise to maximize your ROI.

Here are some key points that differentiate us in the market.

Build Visibility with the Shopify Customers List Now!

The current Shopify market share stands at nineteen percent. With all trends indicating growth in the future, your business must secure the Shopify customers list. As the company onboards more clients, our data experts will constantly look for new companies and eliminate old contacts from the database.

In essence, you can completely concentrate on your marketing efforts to generate maximum profitability in let us handle lead generation. Focus on innovative marketing campaigns to increase reach and visibility among emerging prospects to supplement your reputation in the B2B landscape.

With our authentic datasets, your company can divert more resources towards marketing. So, reach out to eSalesData to add a difference to your campaigns!

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