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The US Department of Education houses around 4,000 universities, while the number could be more depending upon how branch campuses are counted. Nevertheless, reaching out to university professionals, especially the main head, department head, and founders, could be a difficult task.
Though, not with eSalesData University email lists.
Housing verified, reliable, and relevant information, our email list help comes up with tailored marketing campaigns for effective lead generation.
What’s more, you also have access to legitimate University mailing lists for carrying out direct marketing campaigns.
Simply put, you can quickly minimize your bounce rate and maximize your profit margin with us. We pride ourselves as one of the best marketing database solutions providers helping your business with vital and credible information to reach the top.

Tailored Marketing Campaigns Through a Segmented University Email Database

Whether you want to pitch an idea or sell a product, our teams help you develop a customized University email database to meet your business needs. We allow you to choose from several parameters – age, occupation, department, and location, amongst other things.
Once notified about your objectives, we create a University contact list that caters specifically to your marketing campaigns. Consequently, all the leads gathered are highly responsive to your message, considering they have a strong interest in what you offer. With us, it is hardly possible for you to incur a loss in your sales pitch.
Also, we have email list of Universities that is well-segmented and appropriately structured to offer practical assistance. Take a quick peek at what makes up our university database.

By providing you with a comprehensive and organized University email list, we share your load and let you focus entirely on your promotional pitches.

Expand Your Client Base with An Effective University Email Lists

In the long run, the success of any business depends upon customer satisfaction. And you can satisfy your prospects when you have key information about them. Let us tell you, it’s not an easy thing to gather vital information.
Therefore, we help you expand your client base with relevant university email lists. You don’t have to go through the trouble of knocking on university doors trying to make a pitch.
Instead, download our list, prepare a custom message, and hit the send button.

To remove your uncertainties, here is a list of B2B sectors that have used our University email database.

Generate Quality Leads with Relevant and Legitimate University Email Address List

Businesses require a relevant and legitimate University email address list to deliver the right message with a marketing campaign. That is only possible through extensive research and a verification process.
Our expert team is experienced and knowledgeable folks who gather information from the most authentic channels. This assists your organizations in coming up with accurate B2B strategies devoid of outdated and false information for higher leads and more ROI.
Plus, we promise that our University email addresses are:
USPS-verified and CASS certified mailing addresses
CAN-SPAM compliant details and lists
Highly filtered contact database
Tele-contacts in compliance with DNC regulations
NCOA Linked Database

Alongside these certifications, our database is frequently updated so as not to let you suffer any setback in your marketing. Some other salient features of our list are as follows:

Engage in Multichannel Marketing Through Responsive University Contact List

In the realm of digitalization, customers interact with a brand across a variety of channels and platforms. In order to be constantly in the spotlight, businesses must expand their marketing efforts across different channels. This is what multichannel marketing means. It fosters long-term connections and boosts leads and conversions.
We house a University contact list that allows businesses to engage in multichannel marketing.
Wish to promote your new Ed-tech software to university professionals? You simply have to develop an online campaign, and we will help you launch it on different platforms, from social media to mobile advertising and cold emails.
That’s not all! Since we have stored an opt-in contact list, you would reach out to people who would show a keen interest in what you offer.
In short, our team places you right in front of your audience, where they spend the most time.

Why eSalesData Should be Your Data Partner?

In today’s time, the marketing landscape is being run by data-driven solutions.
We are aware of this and, thus, offer genuine and credible marketing database solutions that can help you maximize profit.
When marketers reach out to us for help, they leverage the following benefits:
As B2B marketers, your job is to create compelling marketing campaigns, which in itself is like climbing Mount Everest. And if you add identifying and finding your ideal prospects to the task at hand, it would be like finding the steps to heaven. Quite impossible!
Not to fret, eSalesData is here to share the load with its effective database solutions. Don’t let your competition win; give us a call today.

Your success is just a step away!


Frequently Asked Questions

Your information is available in three formats: XLS, CSV and Text Formats. They are all easily accessible and ensure your project is executed on time.

eSalesData is a responsible organization dedicated to protecting the privacy of its customers and, thus, provide an email list of universities compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations.

To ensure our customers never suffer because of false or outdated data, we update our databases quarterly.

Here’s a list of a few sources through which we gather information to create our University Mailing Database: Feedback and Survey Forms, Online Journals, Seminars, Magazines, Panel Discussions, Opt-In Emails.

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