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A B2B email list is a repository of contact details containing exclusively B2B email addresses. It includes details of various industries, professionals, C-level executives, and others. B2B marketing holds an important position in lead generation as it ensures assured responses from prospects.

B2B email marketing statistics shows that 81% of marketers prefer Business to Business email lists for targeted marketing, and 64% of them declare it as one of the efficient ways to achieve business goals. A marketer can either build an organic B2B contact list that may hold information on various B2B companies and their executives or buy a pre-made list from a database provider. If you’re growing an indigenous B2B mailing list, you need to allocate resources for data collection and compilation, which can be economically and manually taxing.

However, purchasing a B2B email and mailing list is the most effective way for a marketer to enhance their marketing productivity. The ready-made lists offer flexibility for customization, are pre-verified, and cover only valid information. Investing in an email database provider can reduce your campaign costs drastically and yield high outcomes.

We broadly categorize the B2B email list into:

B2B Lists Categories Number Of Emails
Industry Email List 59,456,798
Professionals Email List 12,654,589
C Level Executives Email List 7,946,890
Technology Email List 8,879,154
Healthcare Email List 9,145,425
International Email List 61,789,258

That’s where eSalesData steps in to provide a cost-effective and verified B2B email database that accelerates your data-driven marketing plans.

How do we segment the B2B Email List ?

The B2B industry is a massive sector. It encompasses almost all industries globally, with subsets of professionals, technology users, and others branching out to narrow down the client base. The process of organizing unstructured data into a structured form is called data segmentation, and it plays a significant role in B2B marketing.

At eSalesData, our team classifies the B2B email list based on the following information:

Database segmentation improves the marketing response rate and boosts conversion rate. Email campaigns become productive as they reach the appropriate audience. The average click-through, open, and response rates increase by a substantial percentage.

The geo-targeted B2B email marketing list helps you reach prospects across every nook and corner of the world.

Build a sustainable and meaningful business relationships that serves your marketing goals.

Access the B2B Sales Leads obtained from authentic sources.

It is pretty daunting to generate profitable B2B sales leads and ensure the marketing funnel is packed during the entire sales cycle. However, the process can be straightforward if the first step to building a B2B sales leads remains proper, i.e., data collection remains proper.

At eSalesData, our data research team works intensively to gather information from authentic channels, such as:

We provide a verified B2B contact list to establish personal connections with the top-level executives of the industry and build a firm brand name. Explore new marketing lanes using an insight-oriented email list from eSalesData.

Get the perks of a well-built and qualitative B2B Mailing List from eSalesData.

We have an outstanding team of quality experts to determine the accuracy and quality of a B2B mailing list. Our numerous data verification and validation processes result in a fully compiled, properly authenticated, and strictly monitored database.

We are meticulous regarding data security and quality because the records provided should yield the desired marketing outcomes. When you invest with us, the resources will not go in vain. We guarantee that the B2B mailing database are responsive to your campaigns.

At eSalesData, we also ensure that all the information collected is from legal sources. So, you can access:

A Comprehensive And Analytical Verification Process
Guaranteed update and error-free contact information
Compliant with the established data privacy laws
CAN-SPAM compliant and USPS verified

Further checks are in place to remove even the slightest possibility of any inaccuracy or oversight. These include: 

At eSalesData, we go to great lengths to guarantee a genuine, verified, and updated B2B mailing list

Benefits of using a B2B Mailing List

Availing of a segmented B2B mailing list is not the only benefit you accrue from eSalesData. There are a whole lot of advantages you could gain with a pre-made email and mailing list, such as:

Single-channel marketing is not an effective means to carry out B2B promotions, and it wastes your time and resources. With the B2B mailing database, you can quickly execute email marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, and direct marketing.

You can also use the B2B lists for

Drive your marketing and sales revenue using the comprehensive solutions of eSalesData.

Why Choose eSalesData's B2B Data Services?

Some of the salient features of the B2B data services include:

Direct promotion of products and services to ideal clients
The positive reception of marketing campaigns by the target audience
Development of creative strategies to enhance the marketing efficiency
Effective lead generation to drive sales and improve the ROI
Efficient removal of any redundancies
Launch new products and services more efficiently

Contact eSalesData to purchase a custom-made B2B contact list

We pride ourselves in offering the industry’s best, bespoke B2B contact lists to boost your business. You can explore seamless marketing opportunities with eSalesData’s solutions and services. We constantly strive to increase your B2B marketing lists by building a first-class email database.

Contact us via telecall or email to discuss your requirements and get clarified on any related queries. Explore eSalesData to stay relevant and updated in the B2B industry.

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