SAP HANA Customers List

The popular ERP Database platform, SAP HANA, acts as a multi-model database capable of storing all your data in its memory. If a business utilizes colossal mounds of data, storing, analyzing, and processing borders on impossible without a reliable database platform.

Furthermore, SAP HANA supports transactional and advanced analytics within its cohesive digital environment. All this is possible with technology bits like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In fact, the global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software market is all set to hit a market value of USD 100.7 Billion by 2025. SAP is one of the primary reasons for the growth of this market; with the SAP HANA market share taking the top spot in terms of size, globally. 

So, if you market to SAP HANA customers, the vast user base demands you to practice targeted multi-channel marketing for maximum conversions. This is where eSalesData can be of help. Our well-curated and verified SAP HANA customers list is perfect for marketing across the SAP HANA clients efficiently.

On top of that, keep in mind that some of the top companies in the world use SAP HANA. So with the right contact information at your fingertips, you can market across the likes of:

Company Name Company Size (No. Of Employees) Industry Type Revenue in USD
McLaren 4159 Automotive $1 B
Walmart 2300000 Retail $572 B
Dell 165000 Technology $105 B
AdminaHealth 32 Healthcare $5 M
Alacer Gold 1108 Mining $5 Million
Amazon 1.1 M Technology $469.82 B
Apple 6300 Technology $365.8 B
BASF North America 111047 Chemicals $761.34 B
Burger King 34248 Fast Food $1.81 B
Audi AG 90783 Automotive $51.33 B

Cross Channel-Specific Barriers and Practice Seamless Multi-Channel Marketing With Well-Segmented SAP HANA Customers List

The current technological landscape demands businesses to have access to seamless multi-channel marketing routes. Businesses can get the SAP HANA customers’ attention by engaging with them seamlessly across several channels simultaneously.

Anyone can try and practice multi-channel marketing; however, without concrete information to back it up, your marketing efforts can easily fall apart. To make this easier, eSalesData’s SAP HANA customers list offers information across a wide variety of contact fields, including:

A Plethora of Industries can Benefit from Using a Well-Vetted SAP HANA Clients List

When you market to the SAP HANA customers, you have to keep in mind that they will be spread out across virtually every industry. Almost every company out there requires an ERP database platform, and hence your target audience might be stretched across quite a broad spectrum.

For instance, getting a hold of eSalesData’s SAP HANA clients list will help you market across companies falling under the following industries:

Jump-Start the Campaigns with 100% Valid Database of Companies that Use SAP HANA

At eSalesData, data accuracy is at the crux of everything. No marketing campaign will take off unless it is backed by 100% accurate data. Conversions would be a distant dream, and your agents would find it challenging to have as much as a conversation with prospective clients.

This is where eSalesData comes in with database of companies that use SAP HANA that offer 100% valid and accurate data. Once our data experts collate the data from a plethora of trusted sources, it undergoes multiple rounds of manual and automated verification.

To give you a little more insight into the process of data collection, here are some of the data sources used to collate eSalesData’s list of companies that use SAP HANA:

On top of the fact that we use only valid data sources to populate our data repository, we also make sure that our list of SAP HANA companies strictly complies with all industry-compliance and privacy standards. Since all our data is acquired from reliable authority sources, it fully complies with all data privacy and protection laws.

To give you a better idea, here are the most prominent privacy laws our SAP HANA customers list is compliant with:

Elevate Your Marketing Efforts with a Seamless Multi-Channel Approach via List of Companies Using SAP HANA

If you wish to market to SAP HANA clients, you must be guided through the colossal maze of a broad SAP HANA user base. Without targeted marketing in your arsenal, getting conversions across such a vast user base is similar to shooting bullets in the dark.

But fret not! eSalesData offers a list of companies using SAP HANA that will give you personalized and verified contacts of genuine prospects. Here are pointers that eSalesData’s list of companies that use SAP HANA can help you out with:

Why Choose eSalesData’s SAP Customers List

Why fly in blind through the vast cloud that is the SAP HANA user base? eSalesData’s SAP HANA customers list is the navigation you need to dive into such a colossal user base and return with conversions.

Our list of companies using SAP HANA will be personalized to your business needs and hence will help you target genuine prospects interested in the product or service you offer. You don’t have to market across individuals who aren’t in the market looking to employ a solution similar to yours.

By engaging with genuine prospects, you can divert your time, energy, and resources in the direction that will actually yield results. Furthermore, here are a few more reasons as to why you must choose eSalesData to get rid of email and mailing list woes:

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with eSalesData today to watch your marketing efforts take flight and reach the heights they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

 eSalesData’s SAP HANA customers list offers a plethora of contact fields, subdivided into a wide variety of meaningful segmentations. This includes contact fields like the first name, last name, email address, SIC code, NAICS code, fax number, web addresses, etc.

Initially, all the data in our massive data repository is collated from credible and authentic sources. This process involves automated and manual searches both. Once all the data has been collated, it undergoes stringent automated and manual verification.

This is to make sure that all the data is free of repetition or decay. Furthermore, our robust data repository is also constantly updated and verified, in order to preserve data integrity. Once all of this is done, the customers  list is then delivered to the clients.

 eSalesData offers all information in the SAP HANA customers list in very easy-to-read formats. The data arrives in the following formats:

  • XLS
  • CSV
  • Text format

The customers list will be mailed to you and can be integrated directly with your existing CRM system post-download.

 Yes, our list of companies using SAP HANA abides by all global data privacy laws and policies, including GDPR, USPS, CASS, DNC, etc.

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