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What differentiates a decent email campaign from a truly spectacular one? It is innovation. A message that comprises engaging content, great layout and plenty of visual cues and eye-candy is what makes a successful email marketing campaign. That is why we at eSalesData leverage scores of templates, drag-n-drop editing software, and an extremely analytics system to help you with your email marketing initiatives.

With more and more business turning towards emails as their channel for client communication and brand promotion, the competition level has gone high. As a result, you just can’t afford to be good with your campaigning via emails. You need to be the best among the rest so that your messages reach the customer inbox before anyone else. And to reach this objective, you need to have an accurate email list in possession, robust strategy in place, and expert guidance from us to succeed with your email campaigns.

Exclusive Facets of our Email Marketing Service include:

Select from Dozens of HTML Email Templates

Take your pick from a multitude of predesigned templates so you won’t have to be concerned about your emails looking anything but spectacular! Using our editor, you can even upload your own code and customize it.

Customize Your Templates

We make it a seamless experience for you to get a customized email template design that suits your specific business requirements. Our Campaign Editor Software comes with basic and advanced options and will help you to create a more wholesome campaign experience.

Schedule Your Email Campaigns

And if creating your email isn’t enough, our software can even schedule it for you. You can plan your campaigns to launch on specific dates and times. This lets you take full advantage of all your market research and target users precisely at the right moment.

From professional assistance to giving access to our rich repository of marketing data, we have every aspect taken care of to make your email marketing experience worthy of every dollar you invest.

Want to have us besides your marketing ventures? Get in touch immediately for our expert assistance. While you concentrate on strategizing, we make sure your campaigns are ready to hit the targeted audience on time to help generate better responses and higher ROI.