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Registered nurses, commonly known as RN, are licensed medical professionals with approval from any authorized governing body to provide hands-on care in medical and community settings. These professionals provide effective patient care, prompting about 194,000 job openings for RNs every year. Their employment is also projected to grow at a rate of 9% from 2020 to 2030.
Some of the roles and responsibilities of registered nurses include:
  • Monitor medical plans and treatment
  • Educate and spread awareness about illnesses and diseases
  • Draw blood and collect lab work
  • Perform a variety of wound and skin care
Since RNs are responsible for a variety of tasks, it can be easy for businesses to market relevant products using our registered nurses email list. We ensure that you have only the most accurate and reliable data with our registered nurses email database.

Why Choose eSalesData?

Along with the comprehensive registered nurses database, eSalesData is also synonymous with multiple other features, like:
  • Credibly sourced data from the choicest of sources
  • Complete legal compliance while gathering the data
  • Customized registered nurses contact lists for individual business requirements
  • Routine checks to ensure the list of registered nurses is up-to-date
  • Option to choose multi-channel marketing with our registered nurse email database enables preservation of money and resources spent on database collection campaigns

Get Ahead with to Know your Customers Better Segmented Data

Efficient marketing and operations involve knowing your customer better. With our registered nurses database, you can obtain segmented data to help you understand customers better.
In turn, you can personalize your emails using the registered nurses email database to ensure that each client feels prioritized, making them more likely to engage with your brand. For effective segmentation, we segment our data into the following selects:

Why eSalesData’s Registered Nurses Mailing List is Perfect for your Business

Our registered nurses mailing database solves businesses’ most significant issue – lead generation. With our mailing lists, you can focus on creating a comprehensive marketing campaign without worrying about any cold leads. Some of the other advantages synonymous with our registered nurses mailing lists are:
Invest in the future with our registered nurses mailing list and shed all your apprehensions about finding accurate data again!

eSalesData Offers a List of Registered Nurses For Various States of the USA

StateWise Listing of Registered Nurses Number Of Emails
List of Registered Nurses in Pennsylvania 5,431
List of Registered Nurses in Wisconsin 7,841
List of Registered Nurses in NJ 4,691
List of Registered Nurses in Minnesota 6,941
List of Registered Nurses in Washington 12,853
List of Registered Nurses in Massachusetts 4,230
List of Registered Nurses in Texas 5,584
List of Registered Nurses in California 5,199
List of Registered Nurses in Illinois 1,198
List of Registered Nurses in Michigan 2,926
List of Registered Nurses in Indiana 4,981
List of Registered Nurses in Tennessee 5,981
List of Registered Nurses in Maryland 3,957
List of Registered Nurses in Florida 9,871
List of Registered Nurses in Connecticut 6,981

Rely on Data Sourced from the Most Trustworthy Sources!

Data curation can often hit a dead end because there are too many sources or too few sources to extract data. But with our registered nurses contact list, we ensure that we bring you the most reliable information after going through several sources and cross-examining them multiple times. Some of the sources used are:

Companies Benefitting from our Registered Nurses Email List

With our registered nurses email lists, no registered nurse is unreachable and out of bounds for you. Not only are our email lists well-researched through multiple levels of analysis, but we also bring you clients looking to engage, allowing you to increase your ROI substantially! Our email lists also enable you to build an intimate relationship with your target customers.
Not to mention, visitors will not forget your company once they receive personalized mail. They will have the name at the back of their minds, allowing you to gain publicity even through word of mouth.
Some of the companies that can benefit from our registered nurses email database are:

Get in Touch with the eSalesData Team to Boost Your Marketing Strategies

With our segmented registered nurses database, you can potentially reach thousands of registered nurses worldwide. Target a variety of professionals and gain the flexibility to delve into multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase positive responses.

So, contact us now and reap the benefits of our carefully-curated lists!

Why choose the services of eSalesData?

Verified and validated list of B2B contacts
Genuine Data sources
Legally obtained opt-in contact information
USPS verified data list
CASS Data Certification
NCOA Linked Database

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a comprehensive and customized list of registered nurses on eSalesData. Our databases are periodically updated and analyzed to ensure the minimization of cold leads and the maximization of genuine conversions.

The registered nurses email database is updated periodically to ensure that all information is up-to-date. Our regular checks allow for effective marketing campaigns towards the target customer base.

eSalesData analyses numerous publicly-available sources and measures them against each other to ensure that all data is accurate and reliable. Some of the sources analyzed are:

  • Organizational records
  • Active Directories
  • Medical conferences
  • Events in the healthcare institution
  • Magazines, journals, and publications
  • Panel discussions
  • Feedback forms and surveys
  • Medical seminars

eSalesData provides a registered nurses database, consisting of contact lists, mailing lists, and email addresses, allowing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our data within these lists are segmented, with sub-sects like:

  • Full name
  • Age and gender
  • Contact number
  • Professional address
  • Geographical location


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