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As allied healthcare professionals, physical therapists or physiotherapists specialize in movement-based therapies. They suggest relevant exercises, hot and cold massage therapies, etc., to cure ailments such as neck and back pain, spondylitis, muscular dystrophy, and more.

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that this healthcare profession will likely grow by 18% over the next 10 years. Given the nature of their work, physical therapists use equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, traction machines, etc.

If you’re a B2B marketer dealing in products and services that physical therapists may find useful, get in touch with us for a custom physical therapists email list. This database can be useful for healthcare and technology marketers as well as staffing companies seeking to connect these healthcare practitioners with hospitals willing to hire.

Offering wide segmentation opportunities, our database can help target the following categories under physical therapists –

Physical Therapists Database
Physiotherapy SchoolsUSDA Accredited Physical Therapists
Pediatric Physical TherapistsNeurological Physical Therapists
Geriatric Physical TherapistsCardiopulmonary Physical Therapists
Orthopedic Physical TherapistsVestibular Physical Therapists

Nearly 300,000 license physical therapists practice in the US alone! Whether you wish to target these professionals in the US or other parts of the world, eSalesData’s physical therapists email list can help with niche audience targeting.

Allocate Budget Effectively with Geotargeted Campaigns

Across the world, nearly 625,000 physical therapists practice independently or in affiliation with reputed hospitals and nursing homes. If your brand offers products or services that may benefit a niche group of physiotherapists, meet these professionals right where they are!
Through geotargeting capabilities, we will collate a location-oriented physical rehabilitation therapists email list. You can target physical therapists based on the State, City, County, Town, or Zip Code. But if you wish to expand your marketing network globally, we’ve got you covered for that too!
Our global master database consists of accurate contact information of hundreds of thousands of physical therapists practicing worldwide. Take a look at the regions we cover –

Benefits of Choosing eSalesData's Physical Therapy Email List

Physical therapists are healthcare experts with too much on their plate. This is precisely the reason why they may often come across as elusive. However, these healthcare professionals enjoy participating in meaningful discussions, educational content, etc., that add value.
Our team can collate a physical therapy email list that offers such holistic, real-time insights that you don’t just promote your business but also establish yourself as a thought leader. Share insightful content with physical therapist leads that address their pain points and compels them to know more about your brand.
All of this happens due to the stringent quality checks and measures we practice. Take a look –

Adopt the Marketing Approach with Audience Segmentation Capabilities

Our data specialists understand how ephemeral and multi-faceted your target markets are. To cut through the noise, B2B healthcare marketers need more than random marketing gimmicks. The internal team helps you get your priorities straight with active, the in-market physical therapist leads.
We identify the most sales-qualified leads by considering audience firmographics, demographics, and by creating the ideal customer profile (ICP). The physical therapists contact list is then segmented based on these selects. Using the below-mentioned data selects, the email and mailing list of physical therapists can fit your marketing goals like a glove.
To further enable you to contact audiences through omnichannel tactics, the database includes over 70 core business intelligence fields.
If you’re a tech marketer targeting physical therapists with useful software, rest assured the physical therapists contact list will also include vital technographic information.

Target Audiences across Their Most Preferred Channels

To help you stay on top of your prospects’ minds, we provide omnichannel marketing capabilities. The physical therapists contact list is fully supportive of multi-channel marketing.
So, you can launch robust email marketing campaigns, create personalized content for social media platforms, run webinars and live events, or make tele-call follow-ups. Not only can that but the database also be used for personalized direct mailing.
Just integrate the physical therapists email list with your current CRM system and run successful campaigns that help you corner the market.

Physical Therapist Mailing List That Bridges Client Gaps

We understand how other quality checks may still be fruitless if the physical therapist mailing list is not ethically sourced. Our data specialists ensure to keep your customers’ privacy intact through a database sourced only from legal and genuine sources.
Each piece of information is strung together by our research team that cross-checks to ensure verifiability. The top data sources for the physical therapy mailing list include –
Since all data is compliant with data norms and consent-based, you can rest assured that your physical therapists database will connect you with genuine leads.

Multi-Step Quality Checks That Ensure a Spick-and-Span Physical Therapist Email List

Once our team collates the physical therapist email list using data from 100% genuine and legal sources, the next step our data experts follow is a multi-step validation and verification process. Some of the top practices under this step include –
Strict adherence to GDPR and CCPA requirements
Tele-contacts that comply with DNC guidelines
Postal addresses verified via USPS and CASS
Email addresses verified via CAN-SPAM
NCOA Linked Database
Such rigorous cross-examination renders the physical therapist contact list useful for successful multi-channel marketing, whether online or offline.

Using our database, the following industrial sectors will benefit the most –

  • Medical equipment manufacturing companies
  • Pharmaceutical drug companies
  • SaaS companies
  • Recruitment agencies and staffing organizations
No matter how niche your marketing requirements, our expert team can handle it all through a custom-made email list of physical therapists. We have a trail of happy clients behind us to back our claims!

Just contact our team via email or call, and we will collate a well-segmented database. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions

eSalesData ensures all data for the physical therapist email list is sourced from 100% genuine and legal sources such as opt-in emails, feedback forms and surveys, conferences and seminars, hospital directories, and more.

Our data experts maintain at least 95% data accuracy to ensure you see reduced bounce-backs and spam rates.

The list of physical therapists is available in three structured formats: Text, .CSV, and .XLS.

Our team conducts thorough hygiene checks once every 90 days per industry standards. All redundant and incorrect information is replaced with genuine, accurate details.

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