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Oracle is a technology platform providing an integrate suite of cloud applications and infrastructure. Oracle cloud helps businesses migrate, build, and run IT infrastructure from existing workloads to cloud-native platforms. It offers a gamut of products such as .NET, Apiary, Clusterware, Developer Studio, etc. for companies to make business decisions, connect with clients, and grow organically.

If you have an effective solution to the challenges Oracle users face, it’s time you turn to eSalesData. With an extensive and highly accurate Oracle Users List, work toward promoting business services to a range of organizations.

The team here at eSalesData ensures the provision of actual contact data for advertising products on a global scale.

Focusing on consistent updates and comprehensive verification, we promise information guaranteed to boost ROI. Moreover, we ensure that all the hosted contact leads have a significantly high deliverability rate.

When partnering with us, your marketing strategy gets the competitive lift.

Why Choose eSalesData?

At eSalesData, we provide perceivable value through our lists. With decades of experience behind them, the team works diligently to help your company receive the support it needs. 

Besides, your business expansion and brand growth aren’t just significant to you; it holds the same significance for us.

We promise:

Accurate data for better ROI and conversion rates
Personalized Oracle Users List with excellent deliverability
Pre-verified records for boosting brand engagement
Consistent data updates for maximizing your marketing initiatives
Compliance with data privacy laws: CCPA, GDPR, CAN-SPAM
Validated and authentic data to help you develop more targeted strategies

Shift your focus from needless data segregation and authentication to direct lead generation and conversion using eSalesData’s Oracle Users Email lists.

How to use Oracle Users List ?

Oracle is one of the most prominent technology-based companies providing  cloud services, ERPs, and DBMS. It has a broad customer base and is a billion-dollar enterprise. If you’re an Oracle partner, service provider, or distributor, keeping a fully curated Oracle Clients List handy is essential. A marketer can use the Oracle Users Mailing List to:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Promote easy-to-implement Oracle Software
  • Provide discounted offers for long-standing and new clients
  • Send software upgrades
  • Deliver satisfying customer service and technical support
  • Expand the client base
  • Innovate new products and introduce new services

Gain Competitive Edge with Customized and Segmented Lists

Relevant data is critical when strategizing a creative and effective campaign. Setting goals for marketing strategy and then working toward them is the only way to go about things. 

Consequently, we help you achieve this by providing a segmented and highly customizable Oracle Users email list. The data team tailors the mailing lists according to the requirements of a B2B marketer.

We compile the information and segment the data into more than 50 categories for easy navigation and use. Classifying the contact data allows for maximum customization. Some of the key marketing elements included in the mailing lists are:

When deciding on an avenue for your data needs, it’s vital to note that the scale of the provided information is irrelevant if it’s not target-specific. Correct data is the one that helps meet your established goals.

Owing to this belief, we categorize our Oracle Users List rigorously.

eSalesData lets you streamline the contact lists, thus, giving your marketing strategy a competitive edge. 

Establish Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies with Improved ROI

If you’ve been running multi-channel campaigns without receiving the appropriate ROI or revenue, the causal factor could be outdated information.

Often, organizations and businesses overlook the impact that the gradual passage of time can have. Over a few months or even weeks, your database can become irrelevant. When that happens, your marketing campaigns are in jeopardy. 

However, if you choose our Oracle Users List, you can stop concerning yourself with that. At eSalesData, thorough inspections of the hosted data ensure that it’s kept consistent with any recent industry developments. 

In addition to that, our Oracle Clients List includes the contact information for the following:

With our users list, you can remove redundant channels from your marketing strategies. Instead, your business can focus solely on growth and expansion. Run multi-channel marketing campaigns directly through social media, emails, mobile apps, or digital platforms.

Experience Increased Security for Your B2B Strategies with Verified Channels

Verified information channels are crucial to deciding the success of your B2B campaigns. Access without it, all aspects of your marketing strategy are deemed irrelevant despite how creative it is. 

Hence, our team only gathers information from legitimate and regulated sources. Moreover, we ensure that our Oracle Users mailing list is consistently inspected and updated.

Having established that, these are the channels that we base our Oracle Users List on:

The success of B2B campaigns lies is in removing any possibility of data inaccuracy. Unverified channels, after all, can ensure that your marketing campaign never even takes off in the first place.

Observe Better Response Rates through an Extensive Validation Process

USPS verified B2B Contacts
CASS Certified Information
NCOA Linked Databases

Despite using authentic and legitimate sources, there is still the possibility of outdated data. This must be considered a serious concern when it comes to marketing. 

To resolve any complications that outdated information can cause, our Oracle Users Mailing List goes through an extensive verification process. In undertaking this, we guarantee: 

Additionally, all contact leads that we provide comply with standard data privacy regulations and laws.

At eSalesData, we believe information integrity is only determined through consistency and accuracy.

Contact eSalesData to push your marketing boundaries

With a highly experienced team, eSalesData is confident in its ability to provide the information you need to achieve your B2B goals. 

When it comes to data curation, we cater to a global clientele. Over the years, our team has helped countless organizations and businesses take their lead generation and brand awareness to greater heights. 

Reach out to eSalesData today to discuss all your requirements. That next big step for your business is only a call away.

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