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Whenever one thinks of meeting the most complex business requirements, one inevitably thinks of Oracle PeopleSoft. The software offers comprehensive industry and business solutions through a low ownership cost for organizations to make intelligent decisions, improve productivity, and accelerate performance.

With a market share of 9.63%, Oracle PeopleSoft currently has a solid client base of nearly 9,200 customers worldwide. Some top companies that trust this software with their business operations are Amazon, United Health Group Incorporated, American Honda Motor Company, and Centene Corporation, among others.

In 2021, the company generated consolidated annual revenue of $49.8 billion, a sharp 20% increase from the previous fiscal year. The company is still growing at an unprecedented rate.

Seeing that the marketing ground is highly fertile, now is the time for you to go all out with hyper-personalized targeting. But for that to happen, the first rule is to identify your total addressable market (TAM). Are you struggling with it?

Fret not! From the first stage of calculating your relevant buyer universe in every target segment to collating a robust PeopleSoft users email list that supports unique marketing goals, eSalesData has you covered!

Launch targeted campaigns for every potential segment with PeopleSoft Users List

Your marketing funnel is also a machine, meaning it will generate the desired KPIs if put to work the right way. Need help with prospecting? eSalesData is just the place for you.

eSalesData’s data experts aim to help businesses grow by leaps and bounds. We do this primarily by collating an PeopleSoft Clients List that ticks off all data integrity boxes. These include:

100% opt-in information
Multi-channel campaign support
Several segmentation options
100% data accuracy and a 95% deliverability rate
A high degree of customization to suit your marketing goals
Seamless integration with your existing CRM

Given the practices we follow, you need not worry about striving with half-baked leads. With the most premium Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), you can get desired results in half the time!

Highly customizable Oracle PeopleSoft Users List that promises tangible results

Even if the Oracle PeopleSoft users list meets all the data integrity points mentioned earlier, it will still not yield results if you take a broad marketing approach. We will help you replace this approach with a more strategic one that narrows down the TAM.

The more intimately you know the target audience, the better the chances of catering to their needs. Suppose you wish to target CTOs of manufacturing companies that use Oracle PeopleSoft across New York, mainly those working in companies with an employee size of 50 to 100 employees. Would it make sense to target all CTOs throughout the US? You get the drift. That is where data segmentation comes into play. Our data experts offer various segmentation options. These include:

This way, you get a holistic view of the target market. Combining these segmentation options allows you to measure and capture the TAM easily.

How can the List of Companies using PeopleSoft help you?

Given the modern-day marketing challenges, it is only natural to seek a one-for-all solution. While marketing success results from several processes done right, it all starts with an authentic PeopleSoft users database.

Once the reliable details have been gathered, the next step is to devise hyper-personalized strategies based on them. The use of a technology database need not be limited. You can use it to carry out multi-channel marketing objectives, such as:

Both outbound and inbound strategies can be formed and executed effortlessly. By knowing where each lead is positioned in the sales funnel, you can make marketing conversations as personalized as possible.

We understand the need to get to the pulse of the target audience, and we empower you to achieve this!

Authentic data sources improve prospecting practices.

A results-oriented Oracle’s PeopleSoft users list includes data from the most authentic sources. If not, verifying, validating, and updating data makes no sense.

eSalesData ensures the information we include in the Oracle’s PeopleSoft users list is sourced ethically from 100% genuine and legal sources. These include: 

Carefully collected, the data undergoes rigorous verification and validation every 90 days. The resulting database includes over 100 core data intelligence fields. It enables and strengthens multi-channel marketing efforts. 

You can meet your business’ unique marketing requirements with a wealth of such information.

Improve marketing productivity with PeopleSoft Users List

USPS verified B2B Contacts
CASS Certified Information
NCOA Linked Databases

These benefits, however, are not just reserved for those who opt for a brand-new PeopleSoft Clients List. You can even have your existing, home-grown database cleansed, appended or enriched by our expert team.

Our team also goes through other data verification methods like:

B2B industires using PeopleSoft Users Email List:

  • Software Consultancies
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

With high-quality data, outdated information is eliminated, giving a robust database that serves your custom organizational marketing goals. This will improve brand reputation in the market and drive higher revenue.

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