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Famous for its database management systems and cloud engineering services, Oracle has faithfully served its customers since 1977. Based in Santa Clara, California, the company mainly operates through four business segments – hardware, cloud, licensing, and services.

The company’s mission is to help people see data in a new light to “unlock endless possibilities.” As per Statista, Oracle’s revenue has grown from $22 billion to $42 billion in the past decade, 2022 being the year with the highest figures.

The company has a business adoption rate of a whopping 27% and is considered the most popular database management system in the world. Some of the top customers of Oracle include FedEx, Zoom, Red Bull Racing, and Deutsche Bank, among others.

Since the company’s Fiscal reports show a strong revenue growth expected in the upcoming years, its client base is likely to expand. As a marketer dealing in products or services that might help Oracle customers, now is the best time to go all out with your lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and conversion strategies.

It starts with a complete Oracle customers list that is custom-designed to meet all your unique targeting needs. eSalesData is in the business to help grow yours! Our experts will help you target the most prospective Oracle customers in the market today.

Why Purchase Oracle Customers List from eSalesData?

eSalesData’s team specializes in developing an actionable Oracle customers list with the latest and most accurate information. Invest in our business solutions to invest in your business growth.

eSalesData brings you the benefits of:

Accurate data for better ROI and conversion rates
Personalized list with a 95% deliverability
Consistent data updates to capitalize on your marketing initiatives
Pre-verified records for boosting brand engagement
Ready to use email lists available in downloadable formats: XLS, CSV, Text
Validated and authentic data to help you develop more targeted strategies

Our team ensures that the Oracle customers list meets all data reliability points. This way, you can connect with only premium sales-qualified leads, bypassing all intermediaries.

How to use Oracle Customers List?

Oracle is one of the most prominent technology-based companies providing  cloud services, ERPs, and DBMS. It has a broad customer base and is a billion-dollar enterprise. If you’re an Oracle partner, service provider, or distributor, keeping a fully curated Oracle Customers List handy is essential. 

A marketer can use the Oracle Customers List to:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Promote easy-to-implement competitive software
  • Provide discounted offers for long-standing and new clients
  • Send software upgrades
  • Deliver satisfying customer service and technical support
  • Expand the client base
  • Innovate new products and introduce new services

Oracle Customers List that supports data customization needs

The uniqueness of a marketing strategy determines the total addressable market (TAM). Identifying your TAM  is the first step toward successfully capturing it. So, what is it that you want? Are your needs geo-specific? Perhaps you want to target Oracle customers in particular industries?

No matter the need, the Oracle customers list can quickly meet them all. Contact eSalesData’s experts and customize your mailing database. There are several criteria to choose from:

Your database needs could look like this – Looking to target all Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of companies using Oracle with annual revenue between $100 million to $500 million across the automotive, healthcare, and financial services business sectors.

Through such segmentation, the Oracle clients list will help you unlock the intent and influences of top leads. In any case, double your reach to premium Oracle customers.

 You can contact C-level executives, top-level developers and software engineers, decision-makers in offsite teams, and more.

Not only are useful demographic and firmographic information included, but also the technographics such as type of technology used, previous years’ tech budget, tech subscriptions, etc.

Carry out Multi-Channel Campaigns with an Oracle Customers List.

When reaching out to leads that show the potential of converting into loyal brand advocates or becoming growth partners, you need to contact them through more than a single channel. That will also help you form solid sales cadences for lead nurturing.

eSalesData’s Oracle customers list is compatible with several multi-channel marketing campaigns, such as:

We help you gain a firm market footing through outbound and inbound means. Not only that but through intent signaling, you will be aware of each lead’s position in the sales funnel. This way, you can create hyper-targeted content for each.

Moreover, whether you’re looking for local outreach or planning to expand your business globally, eSalesData’s data experts will make all provisions. Target leads within the US or other areas such as Asia, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and more. Your marketing funnel will turn into a lead-generating machine!

Increase your B2B strategies with a verified Oracle customers list.

Verified information channels determine the success of B2B campaigns. Without it, all aspects of a marketing strategy become irrelevant despite its uniqueness. 

Hence, our team only gathers information from legitimate and regulated sources. Moreover, we constantly scrutinize and update the Oracle customers list. Sources from which the team collects data include:

Connect with decision-makers in their moment of need

As they say, marketing is easy, and right marketing takes time and effort. It is crucial to ensure your marketing conversations are impact-oriented, meaningful, and hyper-personalized to reach out to some of the busiest executives and professionals worldwide.

Gain actionable data through a premium Oracle customers list that lets you know each lead’s pain points. Taking that as the crux of marketing conversations, develop campaigns across your leads’ most preferred communication channels.

In addition to that, our Oracle Customers list includes the contact information for the following:

Once you know the tech environment, you’ll know when to target a lead with the right message.

Despite using authentic and legitimate sources, outdated data is still possible. It must be considered a serious concern when it comes to marketing. Resolve any complications using the Oracle customers list.

We provide guaranteed:

USPS verified B2B Contacts
CASS Certified Information
NCOA Linked Databases

Additionally, all contact leads we provide comply with standard data privacy regulations and laws. At eSalesData, we believe information integrity is only determined through consistency and accuracy.

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You can also ask for a free Oracle customers list as a sample to understand us better. If the database satisfies your business needs, purchase the entire list at affordable costs. So, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch.

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