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Oracle Cloud software has been on the rise as the world’s first autonomous database software made. They have more than 18,900 patents from different countries. The company’s goal is to enable people to view data in new ways, gain new insights, and open up a world of opportunities.

The current Oracle cloud market share is at 2.82%, and the company has got revenue of US $42 billion in 2022. The software is used in thousands of educational institutions and by millions of students in over 130 countries.

You can help your business perform better by using our Oracle Cloud customers list Here are some of the top companies using Oracle in USA:

Company Name Website Revenue Employee Size Country
Amazon Web Services aws.amazon.com $469.8 Billion 60,000+ USA
Google Cloud cloud.google.com $19 Billion 1 Million USA
Microsoft Azure azure.microsoft.com $168.088 Billion 221,000 USA
IBM Cloud www.ibm.com/cloud $57.35 Billion 40,000 USA
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure www.oracle.com $42.44 Billion 138,000 USA
Kamatera www.kamatera.com $27 Million 200 USA
Serverspace serverspace.io $6 Million 100+ USA
pCloud www.pcloud.com $10 Million 100+ Switzerland
ScienceSoft www.scnsoft.com $166 Million 100+ USA
phoenixNAP phoenixnap.com $25 Million 183 USA

Customized Geo-Targeted Oracle Cloud Customers List for your Marketing Needs

You can use our Oracle Cloud customers list to target prospects based on their geographic location. This helps you to make more meaningful campaigns for the recipients where you can target their needs and pain-points. Hence, purchasing a contact list will certainly prove beneficial for marketing.

The geographic locations you can target with the eSalesData Oracle Cloud customers list are:

Segmented List of Oracle Cloud Customers is Just What you Need

A segmented list of Oracle Cloud Customers will make your marketing campaigns reach the right audience. This strategy produces excellent conversion rates since it allows you to target prospects based on their preferences.

When you properly analyze the steps and make informed decisions, you can contact prospects without the fear of suffering from a high bounce rate. Hence, you can campaign more effectively when you segment data.

Our Oracle Cloud client list segments data based on the following:

Thus, you can always rely on eSalesData to help you with your data and marketing needs.

Most Reliable List of Oracle Cloud Customers from Authentic Sources

Data collection is an essential part of the process, thus eSalesData ensures to do it accurately from trusted sources. Our list of Oracle Cloud customers is valid, and compiled with data from a genuine source. It is constantly updated so that the clients are not affected by old data. Therefore, clients are allowed to use the data as they like, right from planning, until executing the campaign.

The eSalesData team collects data from sources that include:

This list is a part of the comprehensive database you might be interested in. But some original features are also a part of the Oracle Cloud customers list. They include:

Companies That Use Oracle Cloud Client List are Greatly Benefitted

With eSalesData’s Oracle cloud client list, you can choose the appropriate audiences for all your marketing strategies. The following industries will undoubtedly benefit from using our Oracle Cloud Client List:

Database of Companies Using Oracle Cloud Allows Clients to Engage in Multichannel Marketing

The right way to approach the target market or Companies using Oracle Cloud is through multi-channel marketing. For this, there are several methods available. You must know what can benefit you and improve your ROI.

One of the keys to marketing is interacting with prospects. You can do this by being available to customers of various platforms. As it may be challenging, we at eSalesData are prepared to help you through the process. Following a multi-channel marketing approach will benefit you by:

Why Should you Trust eSalesData?

eSalesData is a credible company known for its reliable customer lists. If you want to contact prominent leads from around the globe, you can rely on us. eSalesData is skilled at helping clients reach potential leads and improving their response rate.

We at eSalesData ensure that promotional messages and advertisements only go to leads who have opted for them. A few features of the Oracle Cloud customers list are: 

eSalesData has been working in this field for over twelve years. We have unmatched experience in data collecting and segmenting. You do not have to worry about quality, accuracy, or reliability when you deal with us. 

All of our customer lists are tailor-made based on your needs so that your business will be benefitted. We don’t just sell Oracle Cloud customers list, our team also helps you curate the perfect marketing campaign.

So, wait no longer, get in touch with us today for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Oracle Cloud customers list is verified. The data management team at eSalesData keeps all the lists updated and ensures that every list is verified manually. They use state-of-the-art AI-driven tools to make sure everything is done accurately.

The Oracle Cloud customers list at eSalesData is geo-specific. It allows you to obtain data about countries around the globe so that your target audience can be from any country. 

The Oracle Cloud customers list from eSalesData is reliable, precise, extensive, frequently updated, and undergoes segmentation through multiple filters. 

Our team updates the Oracle Cloud customers list every 90 days. By doing this, they eliminate false leads, redundant data, and outdated contact cards. So, the lists provided will always be reliable and accurate. 

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