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Reputed to be one of the most versatile ERP software in the market, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a consolidated platform to ease tasks like CRM and finance management. As a result, it is used by over 125,000 businesses worldwide and possesses a client base of over two million. Additionally, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV market share stands at five percent.

As a business owner, you can target these clients with a reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list from eSalesData. We offer an extensive database that offers detailed insights into each prospect to help you identify them better and undertake personalized marketing campaigns. Bracket clients into categories with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers to send relevant messages and boost sales.

Companies That Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customers

Connecting with companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV can generate business opportunities and help you secure a monopoly over a particular niche. Coupled with the added advantage of reaching more markets, our authentic database is the perfect solution for you.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used by some major organizations worldwide. Here is a list of some of the companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Company Name Company Website (No. Of Employees) Company Size Revenue in USD Country
Siemens https://www.siemens.com/ 300,000+ 77.60 billion Germany
Amway https://www.amwayglobal.com/ 19,000+ 84.89 billion US
Mercedes Benz https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/ 1,73,000 10 million US
HP https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop 50,000+ 64.85 billion US
Adobe https://www.adobe.com/in/ 22,000+ 17.19 billion US
Grant Thornton https://www.grantthornton.global/en/ 8,500 6.6 billion US
Dayton Children’s Hospital https://www.childrensdayton.org/ 3,900+ 418 million US
Caesars Entertainment https://www.caesars.com/ 21,000 10.59 billion US
Rockwell Automation https://www.rockwellautomation.com/en-us.html 25,000 1.7 million US
Capital One https://www.capitalone.com/ 50,000+ 30.4 billion US

Practice Better Resource Allocation with a Segmented Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customers List

The B2B buying process usually composes of long buying cycles. Hence, it is crucial to understand prospects and factor in their spending pattern, geographical area and interests to send personalized messages.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list is a means to this end, with extensive segmentation to categorize prospects into groups and optimize resources to increase engagement. Some of the segmentations are as follows.

Understand the potential areas for expansion by relying on insights from our list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Generate Positive ROI with an Expansive Database of Companies That Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Personalized messages and campaigns are believed to boost ROI by ten percent. As such, our exhaustive database of companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV encourages you to diverge from ‘one-size-fits-all’ to create dedicated campaigns for each prospect.

Insights from our database grant you the foresight to identify your ideal prospect and divert more resources to encourage engagement. Here are a few industries that stand to benefit immensely from our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers database.

• Manufacturing industry
• Healthcare companies
• Staffing agencies
• IT solutions companies
• Hospitality industry

Eliminate Cold Leads with a Permission-Based Microsoft Dynamics NAV Companies List

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV companies list is compiled by data experts at eSalesData, with comprehensive checks to ensure we deliver an error-free database. The information is acquired from public sources and converted to a legible form before being added to the list.

Prior to compilation, our experts check and ensure the following.

Consistency with these standards equates to multiple benefits, such as:

Amplify Client Touchpoints with Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Each prospect has a preferred platform for receiving information or marketing messages. However, it is impossible to guess that without prior contact with the clients.

Fortunately, the Microsoft Dynamics customers database allows multi-channel marketing campaigns which generate more touchpoints for the prospect and reach them on their preferred channel. Our database consists of extensive contact information like email and mailing addresses, along with contact information.

You can devise a cohesive and integrated marketing strategy to target unique channels and reach out to niche markets. eSalesData grants you access to a unique database that ensures consistency in your marketing funnel and promotes conversions.

Why choose eSalesData?

We at eSalesData have been synonymous with fulfilling business needs and improving lead generation for over twelve years. With credibly-sourced data and an expanding database, we cater to specific business requirements to help you achieve your desired results and improve revenue.

Here are some reasons our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list offers a unique proposition for your needs.

Contact eSalesData for Aligned Communication and Accelerated Conversions!

With the Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers database, you acquire in-depth insights into pain points to single out the needs and priorities of prospects. These factors aid in the creation of a personalized marketing campaign that incorporates pain points to drive client engagement.

New markets are within reach, with our exhaustive database that includes contact from regions like North America, Europe and Asia. Alternatively, our segmentations allow you to conduct geo-targeted campaigns to increase brand visibility and attract clients.

So, add a boost to your marketing efforts and contact eSalesData now to witness a change in your results!

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