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Zoho CRM is an integrated platform to streamline workflows for sales marketing and customer interactions in one place. The platform provides robust solutions to small, medium and large-sized businesses to create, organize and manage data flow in a structured manner for quick lead conversions.

eSalesData provides the most elaborated list of companies using Zoho CRM involving distinguished brands like Netflix to market resource-centric products.

With the current revenue of USD 650 million, the tool indicates an increase in demand and expansion of the Zoho CRM customers list. Capitalizing on the growth in the clientele of Zoho must be an essential tactic in marketing campaigns. That’s what eSalesData ensures with the optimization of different campaigns.

A little glimpse about the top 10 customers who use Zoho CRM:

Company NameWebsiteEmployee SizeRevenueCountry
Agodawww.agoda.com5,000$1 billionSingapore
Zoomcarwww.zoomcar.com153$34 millionIndia
Fundsindiawww.fundsindia.com156$36 millionIndia
Wessexwww.wessuc.com64$16 millionCanada
Agappewww.agappe.com563$282 millionIndia
Shijiwww.shijigroup.com5,335$475 millionChina
Purolitewww.purolite.com810$276 millionUS
MindNationwww.themindnation.com25$5 millionSingapore
Clozette Groupwww.clozettegroup.co100$25 millionIndia
Urban Elementwww.the-urban-element.com25$5 millionUK

Structured and Segmented List of Companies Using Zoho CRM

Creating laser-focused marketing strategies requires accurate data sets with precise information about the target audience. Without a dedicated list of list of companies using Zoho CRM, marketers can face a hard time converting leads into sales. Thankfully, with eSalesData, businesses can optimize their campaigns using the exact details they require based on the organized segmentations we have.

The type of selects we utilize in database formation are:

How Do Companies Maximize Their Potential with eSalesData Zoho CRM Customers List?

Our authentic and versatile Zoho CRM customers list is truly beneficial. We enable businesses to strategize communications through integrated, cross and multi-channel marketing. We aim to help you augment sales through targeted audience outreach.

All varieties of companies from any domain and vertical can utilize our databases to enhance their marketing efforts. Some of the beneficiaries include:

Build International Business With Accurate and Authentic Zoho CRM Clients List

We aim to establish reliability as the standard of offering data solutions through our authentic contact lists. To ensure maximum trustworthiness, we only collect information from reputable sources, including opt-in emails.

In our Zoho CRM customers list, we ensure the following:

We aim to avail businesses capitalization of every detail in our databases. That’s why we enable the following:

Achieve Business Targets for Lead Generation Easily Through Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel, cross and integrated marketing campaigns open gates for different lead generation methods for businesses. Our segmented and structured list of companies using Zoho CRM avails you the opportunity to extract the  information required for your campaign.

Our extensive database offers businesses multiple avenues for building their brand reputation. We deliver top-notch lists that match the quality you demand and the requirements per your business goals. In line with the Zoho CRM’s forecasting features, now you can gain insights to maneuver your campaigns for higher performance.

The more the number of marketing channels, the easier the lead generation. eSalesData ensures better results by going the extra mile for your business through the thoroughly researched database.

Stand Out from Competition with eSalesData?

Acquiring the leads every brand is after is a difficult task. But, with eSalesData as your data provider, easy lead generation is a dream come true.

Through eSalesData’s list of companies using Zoho CRM, businesses can:

Revolutionize Business Strategies with Data-Driven Zoho CRM Customers List

Zoho CRM is one of the most trustworthy resources and operation management platforms. Using eSalesData’s Zoho CRM customers list, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by capitalizing on the platform’s growth. We provide direct access to the inboxes of leading executives in Zoho’s clientele.

Our strategized and categorized lists with a range of selects avails businesses opportunities to easily transform their campaigns. We empower with the accuracy of datasets to devise campaigns that are guaranteed to perform better than before.

We help businesses save time and effort in converting leads into sales through deep research for acquiring every contact. In short, we streamline the path to your success with precision-infused datasets.

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