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Business Intelligence or BI refers to the modern technology and tactics enterprises adopt to efficiently analyze and contextualize business data. Companies can keep a record of historical and current data on business operations and have a predictive view of future operations.

With over 52 top business intelligence companies, and 67% of the global workforce utilizing them, the market has a massive opportunity. In 2021, the global BI market held a valuation of $24.05 billion. With giants like Microsoft, Tableau, IBM, SAS, SAP, Zoho, and Dundas offering BI services, top businesses are using them to stay ahead.

The largest Business Intelligence market share includes an on-premise deployment of BI with increasing inclusion of cloud deployment. In fact, cloud deployment is expected to have the highest CAGR in the coming years.

eSalesData provides the perfect tool for marketers to address this market with a fully comprehensive Business Intelligence customers list. The pre-fabricated and exceptionally refined list offers marketers all the essential contact details about the Companies using Business Intelligence.

With the help of this database, marketers can strike up hyper-personalized conversations with their prospects without sounding too promotional. This ensures a much better brand promotion and customer retention than you thought was possible.

List of Top 10 Companies using Business Intelligence in the USA

The following List of companies using Business Intelligence in the US will provide better insight into the market:

Company Name Company Website (No. Of Employees) Company Size Revenue in USD Country
AARP www.aarp.org 5,591 $1.6 Billion US
Uber uber.com 29,300 $17.4 Billion US
Tesla tesla.com 1,10,000 $74.863 Billion US
American Express americanexpress.com 11,500 $52.679 Billion US
7-Eleven www.7-eleven.com/ 138,808 $5.5 Billion US
Twitter twitter.com 7,500 $5.08 Billion US
Delta Airlines delta.com 83,000 $46.616 Billio US
Coca-Cola coca-colacompany.com/ 700,000 $42.34 Billion US
Starbucks starbucks.com 349,000 $32.25 Billion US
Netflix netflix.com 12,000 $31.473 Billion US

This is only a glimpse, and the actual list is much more comprehensive. Nonetheless, marketers can get an idea about the type of enterprises they can reach using the Business Intelligence clients list.

Consolidate Your Marketing Position with a Highly Segmented Business Intelligence customers list

eSalesData makes handling the business intelligence customers list extremely simple with proper segmentation. Besides data diversification, the careful categorization and customization of information will help marketers in precision targeting.

When you have goals of reaching a sales-ready client base faster, all you need to do is scan the various selects like these:

The numerous areas covered in the list allow a more in-depth insight into the market. Moreover, it is also possible to use the information separately or cumulatively to drive better multichannel communication.

Benefits of Using List of companies using Business Intelligence

In today’s market, having access to accurate data is the key to ensuring marketing success. The eSalesData team strives to provide that the list of companies using business intelligence is always filled with the most recent data.

Moreover, the list of business intelligence customers list allows marketers to deliver more personalized content to leading industries. This ensures better brand visibility without sounding too promotional. You can create substantial hype simply by highlighting the products or services to your existing client base.

To give you a better idea here are a few sectors that utilize BI regularly:

Greater Data Integrity with a Pre-Validated List of Business Intelligence companies Users

eSalesData ensures greater data integrity by obtaining the database ethically via the opt-in method. Moreover, the database undergoes stringent two-step verification to ensure that the contact details are well-verified.

The eSalesData team works relentlessly to validate the data source and acquires information only from 100% reliable references. Some of the highly credible sources followed by eSalesData include:

Experience Better Multichannel Marketing Support with the Extensive Business Intelligence clients list

eSalesData’s Business Intelligence clients list allows marketers to scale their marketing outreach easily. Driving more personalized direct campaigns, optimized email campaigns, and successful telemarketing campaigns is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is also possible to achieve multichannel marketing and conduct media and event marketing campaigns without hassle.

The CRM-friendly database also allows for better integration into your existing database. This ensures faster updating and implementation of the marketing campaigns.

Why Choose eSalesData?

eSalesData offers marketers a massive opportunity to drive better data-driven decisions regarding their campaigning. The Business Intelligence clients list comes equipped with DNC-compliant tele contacts. Moreover, the database is validated through USPS, CASS, and CAN-SPAM certifications.

You can guarantee the success of your professional and business relationships with eSalesData thanks to the following:

Collaborate with eSalesData and Drive Higher Conversion for Your Business

eSalesData has a long history of serving clients with the most efficient contact lists. The Business Intelligence customers list is another feather in our hat.

Not only will it save marketers valuable time and effort required for lead search, but it will also boost your marketing campaigns exponentially. An exhaustive list such as this will allow better personalization of your content to ensure your sales pitches stick with the clients.

This single database is all you need for securing and closing deals and ensuring greater brand recognition. For further inquiries, get in touch with our team, and we will guide you through every step of the process.

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