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SAP ERP is the one-stop solution for organizations aiming to unify their business processes in a single system. With clients from all over the world, the SAP ERP market share constitutes 14.41% currently. The full-featured business tool depicts an enormous potential to witness growth in the future.

That’s why selecting the right leads to connect for business expansion is crucial now. Businesses can multiply the growth of their ventures by utilizing the precise data from the SAP ERP customers list by eSalesData.

List of Companies using SAP ERP Solution

Company Name Company Website (No. Of Employees) Company Size Revenue in USD Country
Volkswagen https://www.volkswagenag.com/ 668294 USD 284 billion Germany
Royal Dutch Shell https://www.shell.com/ 82000 USD 261 billion UK
Uniper https://www.uniper.energy/ 11319 USD 240 billion Germany
Glencore International https://www.glencore.com/ 135000 USD 201 billion Switzerland
3M Company https://www.3m.com/ 6711 USD 2.79 billion US
23rd Judicial Circuit https://www.23judicialcircuit.org/ 70 USD 8 million US
DailyMotion SA https://www.dailymotion.com/in 1025 USD 274 million France
Red Hat Inc https://www.redhat.com/en 19000 USD 3 billion US
Search Engine Optimization https://www.seoinc.com/ 90 USD 30 million US

Integrate Efficiency in Business Using Segmented SAP ERP Customers List

To develop a streamlined channel of leads inflow, it’s essential for businesses to capture accurate information promptly. Businesses can effectively target the right audience by choosing high-quality data with segmented eSalesData SAP ERP customers list. We collate the specific details in our exhaustive databases using a range of selects, including:

Industries Benefitting from eSalesData's Database of Companies that Use SAP ERP

Businesses in various industries and verticals can benefit from our superior database. We gather data in the most thorough way possible to be used in multiple campaigns specific to the type of business.

The organizations and firms which can benefit the most from database of companies that use SAP ERP are:

Establish Successful Businesses with Verified SAP ERP Clients List

Acquiring the most sought-after clients in the competitive tech industry isn’t simple. Businesses must not only evaluate the details but also guarantee their accuracy. The eSalesData’s SAP ERP clients list liberates ventures from toiling for an error-free database with strenuous searches.

We avail businesses of:

We accumulate information with the help of our proficient data experts, who process information through multiple steps to ensure authenticity. Also, our collection points are extremely reliable and genuine in providing the following:

Design Multichannel Campaigns and Strategies to Scale Your Revenue Effortlessly

At eSalesData, we take our clients’ growth as our topmost priority. We ensure the utilization of our SAP ERP customers list across different channels and campaigns. We enable companies to take full advantage of every channel and platform to attract customers and generate leads effectively.

Our comprehensive customer list allows businesses to integrate campaigns according to their business objectives for multichannel marketing. We ensure that our databases are used equally for campaign design on social media, on-ground and online platforms.

Businesses don’t have to worry about our lists’ information being redundant. We regularly update the added details to eliminate errors that reduce campaign performances.

Why Should You Select eSalesData as Your Data Provider?

We value quality and authenticity above all else. We enable our clients to interact with customers of SAP ERP without any hassles. Also, we guarantee that no hard bounces occur across all communication channels. In other words, your marketing initiatives are more likely to convert leads into sales quickly.

We offer the following:

At eSalesData, we allow businesses an opportunity to contact high-paying clients with thoroughly researched databases. Our SAP ERP customer lists enable ventures to curate sales pitches that yield highly profitable results.

Our intricately crafted databases have proved successful in the past in bringing magnificent results with lead generation. Businesses can setup lead generation processes through multichannel marketing with the help of our meticulously curated SAP ERP client database. The reliable and relevant data sets propel growth without requiring repeated attempts for prospect building.

So, no more wasted efforts on erroneous information!

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