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List of Companies Using SAP ERP

At eSalesData, we offer the best quality and the most accurate B2B SAP ERP Customers List with complete contact information on hundreds of thousands of top-level management officials, executives, and decision-makers in SAP companies all over Europe, US, UK, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and other regions. Our repository is a storehouse of relevant, up-to-date and responsive business records of SAP users. Backed up by years of experience in the SAP application market, we guarantee that no other list provider will add as much value to your SAP marketing campaign like the way we do.

SAP ERP Customers by Industry

Industry Types Install Counts
Automotive 79,987
Real Estate 78,218
Hospitality 98,178
Oil and Gas 89,807
Construction 25,478
Food Production 7,318
Retail 148,278
Staffing and Recruiting 38,498
Machinery 18,278

SAP, leading enterprise application software, is widely used in a variety of companies across multiple sectors from Aerospace and Defence to Manufacturing and Retail industry. As a result, users of SAP applications are always in need of relevant solutions to address their challenges while using SAP products. If you think that your technology product or service could help them, you can connect with those potential clients and put forward your sales pitch through email, direct mail, and telephone campaigns.

We can provide you with the correct data necessary to contact your business prospects precisely the way you want. Our well-segmented data will allow you to target a specific group of the audience whom you consider ideal for your business. We have segmented our SAP customers list into various demographics including location, department, job title, business type, etc. You can customize your data to suit your requirements with the support of our expert team.

Data Card of SAP ERP Customers List

USA UK Europe
(Except UK)
Africa and
South America
Asia UAE NewZealand & Australia
No. of companies 30,670 1,550 1,610 150 1,250 110 2,180
CVDM level contacts 155,890 9,450 2,920 1,120 7,430 2,305 7,550
All titles 667,120 13,300 11,160 2,540 15,220 5,550 8,410
IT contacts 96,435 3,150 1,970 275 3,780 2,260 3,780

*Due to the frequent updates to our SAP ERP Users Email Database the counts may vary accordingly.*

No matter what your sales strategy is, we can provide you with an exhaustive and targeted SAP ERP Customers List to suit your product/service, as well as a host of auxiliary services designed to maximize your response rates. With updates every 120 days, we guarantee accurate and authentic data that ensures maximum deliverability of your campaigns via multiple channels. While you focus on planning strategies, we look after your data needs. Our SAP users mailing list will help in achieving successful campaigns that will allow you to put revenue in your pockets and bring a smile on your face.

Our high quality SAP Email database elevates your business

Our SAP users list covers all the important details of SAP users like their name, email address and telephone numbers and makes contacting them an easy and simple process. With the help of our database, you can run your multi-channel marketing campaigns with facility. Our list of companies using sap is constantly verified, refreshed, updated and validated. It consists of only the active and responsive email addresses. We also take care of customizing the contact details of SAP users as per your needs and requirements so that it enables you to reach these professionals quicker and with efficiency.

Our mailing list offers great enhancement to the utility value of your campaigns. Countless satisfied clients are a testimony to that fact.It is a tried-and-tested list which has been of immense benefit to clients under varying and demanding conditions. It adds a lot of credibility to your campaigns.

Our SAP customers list lives you a pan-US reach. It lists details of SAP users from the length and breadth of the country thus making it a robust and reliable database.Our existing clients will vouch for how our mailing lists save time and money. Our clients’ faith in the effectiveness of our mailing lists is a great advertisement for their trustworthiness and utility.

Simplifying Your Targeted SAP Users Email List

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