Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services? – Top 3 Benefits to Know      

Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services? – Top 3 Benefits to Know

Data Cleansing

By Clara Lincy | Blog | October 25, 2019

Customer data, including their contacts, purchase history, preferences, and all other details are crucial for a business. Keeping a record of potential leads for future reference and immediate use is equally a priority. There is no doubt that in today’s data-driven world, data is a valuable asset for businesses, especially for their marketing campaigns.

However, data becomes old and obsolete with time. People keep changing their phone numbers, postal, and email addresses quite often. As a result, the customer data you have requires cleansing and regular updates to keep the directory relevant.  For instance, to communicate with the prospect over email or telephone, marketers need the accurate email address and phone number without which they cannot successfully engage with the customer. This is when data cleansing services come to rescue to keep your contacts up-to-date.

What is Data Cleansing?


Data cleansing is the process of eliminating, updating, and editing information within a database to maintain top-notch data quality. By availing data cleansing services, business enterprises can address many challenges they face on a daily basis like manual data correction, troubleshooting, error rectification, and incorrect invoice data. All these add up to heave expenses which can be reduced if businesses keep their database clean and competent.

The true potential of customer data can be explored and leveraged in a meaningful manner only when the data businesses use are correct, complete, and relevant. There are several reasons to support the need for getting data cleaned. Here are the few:

  • Clean data helps reach the right people for maximum responses.
  • With clean data, your database remains accurate and compliant.
  • It prevents sending campaigns to the wrong customers.
  • Saves money and time incurred in campaigning with irrelevant data.
  • Helps identify repeat, unresponsive, and inactive contacts in the existing database.

Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services?

For any company, data is the biggest asset as it helps in plotting the future of growth and expansion. Errors and discrepancies in customer data may hamper brand value, loss of time and revenue. That is why businesses need to outsource data cleansing to expert professionals who can help eradicate data errors and fill with authentic details to make your database accurate.

Here are the three benefits of outsourcing data cleansing services:

Experience Does Matter


When you outsource your data cleansing job, the responsibility then comes upon the experts who know what to do and how to do. It’s not that your in-house data team is incompetent or incapable. But the experience and knowledge that data professionals have while working across various industries are unmatchable. They bring in a lot of expertise and analytical skills with their experience in the field. Taking the help of offshore data experts and leveraging their competencies in your favor will definitely pump up the quality of your B2B marketing list.

Outsourcing is Way Cost-effective

Over the years, companies offering data cleansing services have doubled, increasing competition to capture the market. As a result, to stay up in the game, companies are offering new price models making the services cost-effective and affordable for all. With the new pricing, companies availing data cleansing services no longer need to make unnecessary payments. They now pay only for what they get and not for the invalid data or the transitory processes.

Hence, investing in offshore data cleansing for your database is no longer expensive and beyond budgets. The cost you may incur in building your in-house data team, buy equipment, and hire professionals will be much more than outsourcing the job of data cleansing.

Saves Time


The process of manually validating, verifying, and updating every record in your database can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, if the task is done in a hurry and not on time, it may create difficulty for the sales team in generating sales leads. However, many companies transfer the job of data cleansing to their in-house team which can be even more time-consuming as besides arranging for tools; the company also needs to train the employees to perform data cleansing effectively.

However, when the job is outsourced to offshore firms who have experienced and dedicated data cleansing team, getting a clean contact list is no longer a challenge. They ensure that your data cleansing is done efficiently and in time.

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