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Wholesale Trade Executives Sales Leads

Wholesale trade is a form of trade in which goods are purchased and stored in large quantities and sold, in batches of a designated quantity, to resellers, professional users or groups, but not to final consumers.

When consumers purchase goods, they usually buy them from a retail establishment, such as a supermarket, department store, gas station, or Internet site. When businesses, government agencies, or institutions, such as universities or hospitals, need to purchase goods, they normally buy them from wholesale trade establishments. Retail establishments purchase goods for resale to consumers, but other establishments purchase equipment, motor vehicles, office supplies, or any other items for their own use.

It includes the following Groups:

  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
  • Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
  • Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
  • Wholesale of household goods
  • Wholesale of non-agricultural intermediate products, waste and scrap
  • Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
  • Other wholesale.

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eSalesData Wholesale Trade Executives Sales List will provide you the full contacts and names of all professionals working in and with Water Transport Industry across US and rest of the World.

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