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Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing

By Clara Lincy | Blog | November 6, 2018

The concept of affiliate marketing is becoming popular day by day. It has given marketers the opportunity to turn their blogs into a money-making machine. Affiliate programs have given a new dimension to content marketing.

Marketers who have a reputed online presence and are aware of marketing content in the best way to generate traffic find affiliate marketing a lucrative opportunity to encash their skills.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but the strategy that helps you to earn from your blogs. If you are generating valuable content that people like and you have good viewership, then you can join affiliate programs. You just have to finalize a product you want to promote on your site and then whenever any reader of your content clicks on that link; the advertiser pays you.

However, there are certain basics of this marketing strategy that affiliate marketers especially those who are new in the business need to know. Here is the list:

Select Your Niche

When you decide on to start money making through affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to decide is your niche market. It means that you have to specify the particular industry or domain you actually want to get in for affiliate marketing. If you are precise about your target, then it will be easy to create a relevant website based on that. Also, you can decide the affiliate products that will be fit to promote on your site.

Remember, it’s not necessary to be a marketing expert. What you need to focus is on understand your strengths and abilities and use them to earn. Go through your hobbies or passion for identifying your core skills and capabilities and trying to use the expertise and experience you have in the area to your advantage.

Understand Your Audience

Before implementing any marketing strategy, you need to know the market you are targeting very well. Especially understanding the choice, interest, and preferences of your potential customers is a must. If you don’t know your audience, then you won’t be able to draft strategies and implement them effectively to reach your objective. The thumb rule for achieving success with your marketing gimmicks is to have proper insights about your buyer so that you can approach them accordingly with relevant campaigns.

Therefore, when you plan to join affiliate marketing programs, remember that it’s not just about products that you love or that can bring in more money. Instead, you need to ensure that the brands you promote on your site or channel are the ones your audience love that is when they will click on it and help you to learn through purchases. Hence, know your viewers and make sure that your affiliate products resonate with their interest. That is only when your strategy will yield successful results.

Have your Website

The primary pre-requisite of an affiliate marketer is to have a website where you can allow brands to advertise their products and services. But, don’t worry to build a website you need not be a programmer or a developer. Thanks to technological advancements because of which creating a site is no longer a tedious process.
Even if you are not tech savvy, various software and tools are available to guide you through basic about website building. However, you can always take professional help for a developing a responsive and user-friendly website.

Build Trust and Credibility

We are aware that affiliate marketing is about making money by promoting products of others on your site or platform. And to lure businesses come and promote their products, you need first to establish your authority and credibility among your audience. Companies tend to join hands for affiliate marketing with others only when doing so adds value to their existing brand presence. They will definitely not want to advertise their brand on a site which has low traffic and low domain authority and online reputation.

Hence, the best way to drive more traffic, win customer trust and establish credibility is to create unique, informative and engaging content. Once you have your site, content marketing of one of the effective and faster ways to generate traffic, improve search engine visibility with keyword-specific content, and spread brand awareness.

Develop Valuable Content

Affiliate marketing is not just limited to basic pay-per-click strategy. It has become one of the popular ways to monetize online content. Nowadays, the trend has shifted from generating product-specific content to marketing valuable content that is filled with additional information. It is through the content that marketers are establishing authority and winning customer trust. Also, their sincere efforts are compelling them to keep coming back in search for relevant and educational content.

Hence, if you can supply content that helps visitors in making informed purchase decisions, they will be encouraged to take action on the affiliate links you advertise.

Be a Part of Branded Affiliate Programs

Yes, that’s actually a great idea. Many companies have their individual affiliate programs which you can join. By doing so, you can avail the opportunity to promote the services and products they sell. For instance, Amazon has its affiliate program under the name of Amazon Associates. Hence, going with brands you have two advantages – firstly, they offer a good share and secondly, their reach and brand visibility are already high which makes the job more comfortable for you.

You can visit the brand website you want to promote and look for information related to their affiliate programs if they have any. Usually, links to such pages are given at the end of the brand’s site where you can sign up for the program and get all the necessary details about it. The leading brand Apple also has its affiliate program page on their website which highlights the benefits and features of their program.

Become a Member of Affiliate Marketing Network

As a novice in the field, you might not be aware of affiliate marketing network. These networks work as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers. But such things do exist that makes the entire process more convenient and organized. You just need to join such network as a publisher where advertisers are already signed up. Based on their budget, industry, and other factors, advertisers will shortlist your profile and contact for further proceedings.

On the other hands, you also have an active role to play. You can also look out for your favorite brand and apply for their programs in the same platform. There are many useful features available in these networks that can help track clicks, commission amount, and so on.

Directly Connect with Your Favorite Brands

What if your favorite brand doesn’t have an affiliate program? Do you think you should worry about it?
Well! There is nothing wrong even then. You can directly contact the brand office and put forward your proposal. Put your best pitch forward and try to set up a contract with them. The agreement will specify your commission and other details related to promoting their products.

You need to be a persuasive speaker. This is because you need to convince the brand in accepting your offer. You need to make them believe in your skills. That is when they will consider your approach and give it a thought.
Insert Affiliate Links into Your Content and Track Them
Now, once everything is set, and you have a product to promote. The next thing that becomes obvious is inserting the affiliate links in your website content.

Does it sound difficult?

It is not at all so. Even beginners like you can do the task efficiently. Many affiliate networks provide you with copy-paste codes which make placing the links a seamless process even for non-technical individuals.
Now, when you have completed attaching those links to your content, you will have to track their performance. Almost every affiliate program will have the necessary analytics tools available to measure and monitor the clicks of the affiliate links.

Moreover, if you are using WordPress, you can install affiliate link plugins. These plugins can give you a detailed insight into performing pages, clicks, and more. Also, ensure that you don’t end up clicking those links yourself. As doing so, might lead to the end of your association with the particular affiliate program or network.

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