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Top 8 Branding Tips Using Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Top 8 branding tips for gureeilla marketing Stategy

By Clara Lincy | Blog | April 9, 2019

When we hear the word ‘guerrilla,’ the very thought that comes in mind is of warfare tactics that armed civilians use. However, in the field of marketing, the guerrilla term relates to a marketing or advertisement strategy that uses unconventional ways to create brand awareness. The primary motive behind this strategy is to take the consumer by surprise by striking their emotional chords at a personal level. Coupled with limitless imagination and innovative approach, guerrilla marketing takes the customer by surprise, leaving an unforgettable mark in their memory. This is how business with a limited budget can create buzz about their brand and reach out to a broader audience without spending a lot.

If you also have budget constraints but still you are keen to market your products and services, guerrilla marketing is your thing. It doesn’t require a huge monetary investment. You only need to make a creative and intellectual investment to go the unconventional way for brand promotion.

However, guerrilla marketing is mostly used in the B2C industry as B2B industry doesn’t deal with the masses. Here the audience includes business executives, decision-makers and top officials. As a result, B2B marketers refrain from indulging in funny and humorous marketing ways to promote products to company executives. What most of us don’t know is even B2B companies can also benefit from creativity that guerrilla marketing brings.

Here are some best guerrilla marketing tactics in B2B style that marketers can implement to boost their branding efforts and see it work successfully.

Send Regular Electronic or Snail Mails

Staying in regular contact with your client is essential. It helps to keep your B2B brand fresh in the mind of your prospects. Along with your efforts to acquire new customers, you should focus on the in-house list of customers having an interest in your products. You can send them regular electronic or snail mails to keep your brand name top of their memory chart. This guerrilla marketing technique is great, especially for the B2B industry.

You can mail postcards with exclusive offers or contest that will lead your client to your brand website for further information on the same.

Use Free Space in Industry Publications

The choice and techniques for B2B marketing are limited. Moreover, considering the type of clients they handle, B2B marketers keep following the same age-old technique to promote the brand. Unlike B2C, they have limited scope for creativity. However, with guerrilla marketing nothing is impossible. Here comes the next tactic which is utilizing the free space available in many industry publications. You need to network with editors and convince them to let you make newsworthy announcements and product launches using the free space. If your publication content is relevant, editors won’t refuse. Getting published in a reputed publication of the industry can help build credibility and spread brand awareness.

Send Email Newsletter

We are in the digital age where people does most of their communication via email, messaging apps, and social media platforms. However, for B2B marketers selecting the right medium that the business clients prefer is essential. Most of the B2B company executives prefer receiving email communication from brands. They even subscribe to the email newsletter to gain valuable insights from the brand at regular intervals.

Email newsletters are one of the effective marketing tools today. Based on the frequency you want, you can schedule e-newsletter for a monthly or weekly basis to reach your client’s inbox. This helps in branding and is also cost-effective. Sending an email newsletter requires quality content that educates the reader and the right frequency. If done correctly, an e-newsletter can help generate increased responses. But remember, don’t fill your newsletter with too much promotional stuff. Make sure it comprises informative content that educates the customer about the latest trends in their industry and technology.

Get Published on Business Magazines

Business magazines are something that every C-level executive or other decision-makers of the industry never fails to read. It helps them keep updated and relevant to every industry undertakings, mergers and more. Even top officials want to get features on business magazines to promote their own company. So, even you can also try placing your article in any of the leading magazines. The first thing you can start with publishing case histories. You can follow this with technology- related articles, whitepapers and can even share any unique achievement or innovation that comes from your brand. This will help get the much-needed recognition and promote your brand to global leaders.

Attend Industry Meetings and Conferences

We know that your targets are company CEOs, directors, managers, and other key decision-makers. But that doesn’t mean your marketing story has to sound professional all the time. In order to establish an emotional connection, you must narrate the story as if you are telling it to your friend and not a client. The flow should be natural then only readers will connect to it.

Tell Your Customer Story

Well! This is something every business should do. Industry meetings and conferences are the best place to network and make your presence felt to others in the industry. You can deliver speeches, presentations and attend interactive gatherings at annual conferences to upgrade your skills as well as tell the industry what your brand is all about. Also, accept and respond to Calls for Papers to become a part of the speaking circuit.

Distribute Branded Promotional Items at Events

Handing over magnets, key chains and pens with brand logo at events is an outdated practice now. Especially for a B2B company, such common marketing ideas may end up creating a negative impression when you attach your brand with a cheap promotional item. Whichever item you choose to use as a medium of brand promotion, make sure that it represents your company’s goals and are relevant. B2B marketers should make use of guerrilla marketing’s creative approach and put their imaginative powers to the right use. They should replace traditional handouts with trending ones like distributing metal business cards, promotional packaging of snacks at the lobby, USB drives, etc.

Also, B2B marketing can make use of the entertainment segment of events to promote their brand. In the brand booths at events, companies can include gaming activities or use costumes to attract attention. The advantage of guerrilla marketing is that it not only spread brand awareness but also leaves a positive impression in the customer’s mind. It helps the brand engage with the audience, nurturing their psychological and emotional construct through creative marketing approach.

Integrated Marketing to Show Product’s Effectiveness

Business decision-makers believe in implementation rather than vague promises. If you can display how your product works or how you can help address their concern, they will pay attention. B2B companies can use blogs, videos, and mobile advertisements to inform the client about the benefits and effectiveness of their products. Brands can create engaging, unique and fun videos demonstrating the positive sides of their merchandise.

Bring Creativity into Content Creation

Guerrilla marketing is all about how creative marketers can go with their campaigns. The better they imagine, the higher will be their creative results. That is why marketers who want to try something different are thinking of out-of-the-box ideas to implement in marketing their brand. With guerrilla marketing tactics in use, companies can showcase creativity even with limited resource and scope.

When it comes to the content part, what B2B marketers can do is re-evaluate their content strategy. Businesses can look for innovative ways to use the existing content in a new way. Also, they can record the fun interactions at trade shows and use it to make videos. Later they can use it for inbound marketing and share them on social media pages as well.


Now, it’s time that B2B marketers rethink and revamp their marketing strategies to explore opportunities across various platforms. If one considers the marketing gimmicks of B2C companies, it will be clear that where B2B companies lack. Following the same traditional approach and practices since ages, the B2B industry has stopped thinking the innovative way. Business is all about chance and risks you take to turn opportunities into revenue. However, B2B marketers are not at all ready to experiment and are continuing to follow inefficient strategizes. So, to break the monotony, marketers can explore the tactics of guerrilla marketing in their B2B space, giving their creative skills wings to fly.

So, what is your next guerrilla marketing strategy?

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