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Top 5 Ways How Social Media Can Trigger Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation

By Clara Lincy | Articles | March 21, 2018

Social media is not just a platform to interact, network and share. Over the years, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. has evolved from being a mere networking platform to a much more valuable one. If utilized in the right way, social media can help businesses get attention, drive traffic, and build trustworthy relationships.

With technological advancements, the social sites have become more competent and productive in helping businesses generate leads. Here are the five most effective ways using which marketers can get potential customers into their sales funnel without much difficulty and cost-effectively with the use of social media sites.

Explore the Benefits of Facebook Custom Tabs

According to reports, more than 79% of the American users are using Facebook. There are many more astonishing statistics about the most popular and widely used social media platform namely Facebook. Not only it is preferred for personal communication but also an increased number of businesses are leveraging this platform to promote their products, create brand awareness and expand market reach to acquire leads.

Almost every company today has a Facebook page with multiple tabs on the left-hand side dedicated to sections such as about us, events, and photos. But that is not all Facebook has to offer to business owners. This social media networking site gives businesses the custom Facebook page tab option which they can use to highlight offers and contests. All these efforts will ultimately lead to more traffic, better engagement, and access to valuable customer information.

If you are not familiar with the tech world, then you can take help of your developer to create custom tabs featuring lead generation forms. Also, you can utilize various apps that can assist with the same.

Run Frequent Contests

In today’s age, people love to receive attractive offers or gifts. That is why brands run various contests and programs to reward customers and attract their attention. One of the best ways you can take advantage of social media to generate leads is by having contents that are relevant for those customers who have the high potentiality to buy from you.

There is no use of running generic contests targeting the mass audience. You should focus only on interested customers who show interest in your products and services. Also, don’t go for offering holiday trips or mobile phones as a contest-winning prize because these rewards will drive anyone towards your brand and even if they fill in their information it will be of no relevance to your business. Such lucrative things will help generate traffic but not quality leads as the audiences enter your contest just by seeing the freebies do not care about your company or product. Hence, their contact data will be useless.

As a prize for the contest you are having on your brand’s social media profiles, you can extend the free trial offer of your product or an upgraded version of your service. People entering the contest even after seeing this will be the genuine customers for whom your products matter and not the fancy items. Also, to get your hands on the contact details of the participants, you can ask them to fill in the contest form to participate rather than just asking to like, share and comment.

Leverage Social Media Advertising

It is not enough to share content, publish product updates or just keep posting on your brand’s social media profiles. Marketers need to walk the extra edge to extract value out of their social networking, and that is possible only with targeted campaigns directed towards the specific a group of potential clients. Here comes the need to opt for social media advertising tools that can trigger your chances of connecting with the right audience to generate leads that will translate into business.

There are various social media advertising tools to help marketers in collecting profitable leads directly within the vast stretch of the social networks which include Facebook ads, LinkedIn lead Gen forms and Instagram ads. When you run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms, you get easy access to the user’s contact information including their personal as well as professional details.

Schedule Webinar or Live Video

As technology advances so are the ways to engage and interact with the audience. The popularity of visual content has increased manifold over the past few years. Apart from publishing images, blogs, and other textual material, marketers can also make use of live videos, webinars, hangout chats, etc. for lead generation.

Now, the question may arise that how a live video or a webinar fetch customer information. The answer is very simple. All marketers need to do is reserve these type of content as ‘gated content,’ asking viewers to fill in their contact information in advance to participate or view the video. Also, when they comment on your video, you need to follow up with them to stay in touch and direct them to resources on your website that might be relevant for their purpose.

Take Advantage of Geotargeted Social Search

Now, everyone is busy targeting international clients and going global. And in doing so, they often end up ignoring their local leads. Social media sites offer you the facility to grow your social presence not only worldwide but also at the local level too. Especially for brick and motor stores, most of the demand comes from their local customers. Hence, businesses need to make the best use of Geotargeted search to increase their visibility among local customers.

By running Geotargeted social campaigns, online marketers too can find interested prospects belonging to a specific region, industry or venue. Using tools, they can track down the source from where the follower tweets or likes their brand’s social posts and reach them with a personalized offer or just simply get started with a conversation.

To go ahead with your next Geotargeted campaigns, you can utilize tools such as Twitter’s advanced searches, Hootlet Chrome Extension, and Hootsuite.

The End!

Hence, this is just an informative overview of how social media channels can be optimized to extract the maximum value in favor of your brand. But to check how these strategies and tools work for your business, you need to get started with their implementation now. Also, don’t forget to share your success stories with us.

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