Top 10 US HR Industry Trends for 2021 - Infographics      

Top 10 US HR Industry Trends for 2021

Top 10 us hr industry trends for 2021

By admin | Infographics | January 7, 2021

There’s a rage in the market to excel, as 2020 has given numerous reasons for industries to fear their place in the business world. However, the Human Resource or HR industry is running smoothly as they have plenty in hand to do for many coming years. The HR team is a basic need for any organization of any industry. As long as humans are working and not getting replaced by robots, the HR industry is sorted with continuous business growth.

10 US HR Industry Trends for 2021 - Esalesdata

Let’s look into the top 10 US human resource industry trends that will set a mark in 2021!

1. Engagement strategies for employees

It is absolutely essential to engage employees in fun and evolving activities to improve their productivity.

Benefits of these are:
– Higher involvement in the workplace
– Improved motivation to reach targets
– Increased satisfaction of workplace
– Gives direction to achieve milestones
– Strengthen team role than the individual role
– Empowered identity at the workplace
– Active contribution to business initiatives

2. Employee wellness is a necessity

An HR team has to focus on employee engagement as well as look into their wellness as a whole too! With such cutthroat competition at hand, employees look for ease, to say the least. HR teams can organize wellness programs which include:
– Fitness classes
– Gym spaces in the office
– Healthy meal options
– Sports and vocational events

The benefits of these wellness programs are:
– Promotes employee wellbeing
– Ensures better health and mind
– Promotes productivity and dedication
– Healthier work environment
– Foster lively workplace aura

3. Employee retention plans

These days companies try to adjust their retention plans to hold back the potential employees from switching jobs. HR teams strategize retention plans on the basis of employee’s needs. Such as:
– Flexible working schedules
– Ease of leaves
– Parental leaves
– Life event perks
– Health benefit plans

The benefits of such employee retention plans are:
– Better work satisfaction
– Healthy work environment
– Less job switch chances
– Confidence in work roles

4. A diverse workforce

This trend is catching up with the pace as a diverse workforce adds more humility and flavor to the work front. People coming from different sects and races bring their unique contribution to make a business successful.

The benefits of a diverse workforce are as follows:
– Unbiased work approach
– Pack of potential workers
– Growth of equal opportunities
– Adding confidence to the workforce

5. Growth of ONA

ONA or Organizational Network Analysis is a great concept that helps the HR team to find employees that are sharing data outside the workplace and risking the privacy.

How is it done?
– Tracking employee data
– Tracking emails and calendars
– Monitoring telephone

6. Trend of Continuous Performance Management

Many HR teams are focused on developing new employee management strategies. They have pleasant benefits, such as:
– Annual appraisals
– Workplace feedback
– New skills training
– Personality improvement
– Open communication system
– Enriched workspace culture

7. Adoption of Blockchain

The HR team has a huge block of data to manage. Therefore, blockchain technology comes in handy to make the overall functioning convenient. Blockchain offers the security of data for handling sensitive employee data.

The benefits of Blockchain are:
– More secured approach
– Better record of employee data
– Monitoring of tax administration
– Streamlining contacts efficiently

8. Data-driven Human Resource

HR teams deal with valuable information to bring forth the best of their skills, like HR analytics. HR professionals aim to dig deeper into these data to make wise and accurate predictions, which can be valuable.

The benefits of it are:
– Better turnover rate
– More organized approach
– Advanced approach for predictions
– Relevant predictions

9. Quality employee experience

People look for a quality experience at the workplace, which implies they want their work experience not simply based on a monetary basis but should add value.

The benefits are as follows:
– Achievers board motivation
– Perks like a bonus, travel coupons
– Advanced method of operations
– Work-life balance

10. Promoting Internal talent

The HR industry aims to promote internal talent rather than simply hire new members, leaving behind the existing potential members. It comes with many benefits.
– Encourages members to perform
– Appraisals build confidence
– Retains employee longer
– Gives leadership opportunities

Wrap Up!

The human Resource industry is surely evolving as they not only functioning to track employee attendance, calculate salaries, and sign appointment letters. But they function majorly on making the workplace healthier and value-adding place for members who work.

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