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Want to get started with your telemarketing ventures? Then you will be in need of robust and accurate data to support your campaigns. We at eSalesData can assist you with the offering of targeted and verified Telemarketing Email List comprising authentic contact details required to telecommunicate with prospects. From healthcare professionals to industry executives, our database is a storehouse of millions of contacts that you can use to advertise your products and services.

Telemarketing is the quickest way to establish immediate two-way contact with a customer. Telemarketing has enjoyed numerous successes over the years as a marketing strategy. Besides, telemarketing allows you to reach potential customers through a piece of technology that is ubiquitous to today’s society – the telephone. However, the societal perception of telemarketers isn’t particularly flattering. Continual offer rejections tend to take their toll on the brand image of a company and can also destroy employee morale. That is why it is now crucial to adopt a highly targeted campaign strategy that ensures you only contact the market segments that are the most receptive to your offering. And so, we have designed our Telemarketing Mailing List in such a way that it never fails to deliver value.

Our customized list building services give you precisely what you need to successfully market your B2B products to businesses of all sizes and specialties. When it comes to organizations, our list of selects includes:

• Location
• Industry
• Number of branches
• Size of company
• Executive contacts, positions, titles, etc.
• Type of organization
• Number of offices
• And hundreds more!

You can customize the telemarketing list as per your particular requirements. We have well-segmented data that offers you the ease to tailor your list based on multiple selects including job title, industry, geography and more. We source every data from reliable outlets including market surveys, business listings, directories, websites, magazines, trade shows, seminars & conferences, etc. Our team dedicates all their effort and skills in keeping the list updated and verified. We validate every record to ensure maximum data accuracy at all levels. Using our data, you can not only generate leads but also successfully transform them into revenues.

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