Stuck with Blogging Ideas? Here are 5 ways to get inspired      

Stuck with Blogging Ideas? Here are 5 ways to get inspired when you can’t write a thing.

Stuck with blogging ideas

By Angelina Smith | Blog | November 15, 2017

Have you come across situations where you have so much to write but stressed out and tired? The fact is, yes blogging is sometimes not easy as it sounds to be, and writing seldom stresses the energy out of you, unless you broaden your perspective and write what you know rather than writing what you think the industry demands.

It’s not always crucial to necessarily feel right about what you ought to write. It’s alright to accept your constraints and work within your limitations willingly. If only you have the passion for writing, that benefits readers with knowledge and understanding.

According to, there are 2 million blogs published every day.

Yes 2,000,000!!! Certainly, there is an inspiration to drive from. Take control of the information that you are putting out to reach. A well-crafted blog with a mission to inspire, educate is always on the go. However, we have all been there when we feel blank and nothing to write about, Worry not! Here are 5 ways to get inspired when you can’t write a thing.

  1. Make your start with the title: It’s important to be clear about what you are writing, avoid writing the title just to serve the keyword rich content that Google picks up, but write for your readers. SEO writing is important – however, write to appeal readers with an appropriate title that can pull into searches.

You might not end up the title that you started with, but making a start can undoubtedly spark the creativity and set the ball rolling.

  1. Choose a topic that you know well: Your blogs are read by people who are willing to take a thing from your writing, so make a point to not bluff rather keep it informative. Create content that your readers will be eager to read and share, and this just means that you take a direct approach by writing about that topic that naturally interests you. Favour your content by keeping it original and fresh.

Don’t lose the nectar while hunting for bees. Yes, topics related to IT and Technologies (termed as bees) are powerful concepts in the market today, but if you aren’t thorough with such ideas, your writing will not have its essence.

I would prefer writing an article or a professional blog related to B2B business, email marketing or inspirational blogs that can drive readers to find inspiration, rather than writing a technical blog.

  1. Use web tools like blog topic generators: According to Hubspot, there no such thing as running out of blog ideas, they are right. They have a fantastic technology and an automation tool that can help you with exciting titles that are enough for a whole week. This Blog Topic Generator is an astounding and impressive tool.

Say you want to write a topic related to B2B email listing, list out the related keywords and there you will find a title. Here is a sample of what came up when we entered keywords like B2B mailing lists, Marketing, Business.

There are similar blog generator tools like Portent’s Content Idea Generator, Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator, Blog Title Idea Generator from Inbound Link Bait Generator and much more to help you kick start and motivate you to continue generating fresh, enticing and clickable content.

  1. Find inspiration from social media: According to statistics, 80 percent of the internet users use social media, and on an average, they settle for about 90 minutes investing in their news feeds. For a marketer or a blogger, it is great news. Social media helps you connect with forums and communities where you can find like-minded people and improve your online engagement and presence.

Joining a group of aimed bloggers will quicker your chances of meeting the brightest minds. People here share, discuss and debate views about their passion and interests.

  1. Chose to format your post using listicles or list: 60% of the businesses write blogs to reach out to prospects and acquire more customers. Many b2b Mailing list companies find it appropriate to be in touch with their clients and subscribers via blog posts. Blog posts communicate information that can sharpen your business focus and builds confidence, relationship, and sales.

Readers are busy, and people love listings rather than a bundle of a document written in no specific format. This themed structure also makes writing much more accessible and clear.

One of such example of a blog that is in the listing format is 10 Essential Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing which is themed to explain information in steps which are simple yet effective.


Blogging is challenging, but its potential uses are limitless, it is hard for a lot of reasons. Take a break, give yourself a deadline, try something new and introduce challenges. Follow these steps, and I am sure that this will help you find your blogging inspiration.

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