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Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

By Clara Lincy | Articles | November 8, 2017

Social media is probably the great equalizer when it comes to online marketing. Small businesses have the potential to make it just as their most significant competitors are. For small business and enterprise owners, what are some social media marketing trends this 2017 that you should know about are,

1.Mobile compatibility: If you want to reach out to your customers and potential ones, it is essential that you have a website that is compatible with mobile devices. Since smartphones and tablet computers are just as common to have as desktop computers and laptops, every social media marketer must prod themselves that their website design must be compatible across different platforms. Hire a developer and a designer who can make a mobile version of your site. Aside from arriving at a responsive design for your website, apply the same concept of mobile compatibility with the emails that you send to your customers.

2.Social media integration is a must and not an option: A few years back, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest were merely options for online marketers. After all, if they have a robust online marketing campaign, to begin with, why bother dabbling their hands in social media? However, that kind of mindset will not work if you want social media to help you make your brand stronger.

The need for social media integration has already existed since 2013, and this will even be stronger this 2014. As more and more businesses have found a way to integrate social media in almost all their marketing efforts, the same goes for you if you do not want to fall behind.

For instance, by integrating social media into your content, you can significantly improve other areas of marketing such as brand awareness, lead generation, word-of-mouth advertising, widened audience reach and improved social signals.

3. Be found in Google+: If your business does not have a Google+ account, this year is the best time to have one. Google+ is not an entirely new platform, and it has been around since 2011. Only recently did it start to gain momentum. While it is just ranking second on Facebook, Google+ is a great place for marketers to share content with a bigger audience and to get their website optimized in the process. Add extra visibility to your brand by having Google+ as part of your social media marketing.

4. Include the visual: For social media marketing to be effective, you have to be aware of the different demographics your target audience may have. While content has been the usual marketing weapon of choice, social media marketers this 2017 must include visuals – images, infographics, videos, and animations – as part of the content that they share with their audience. After all, content does not necessarily have to be worded.

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