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Why Small Businesses Need to Invest in Email Lists for Effective online Marketing

Why small business needs to invest in online marketing

By Clara Lincy | Blog | October 25, 2017

Email marketing is here to stay, and statistics are enough to prove that with each passing year. For most of the B2B and B2C businesses, emails are the most cost-effective and personalized way of communicating with their audience on a one-on-one basis no matter where they are located and at what time of the day. But for small businesses, the decision-making process towards selecting a tactic that will fit into their strategy without having to spend much is perhaps a little more challenging than the already established ones. Still, the benefits of email marketing are persuasive enough to attract companies to explore its abundance of opportunities.

The adoption of email marketing by small businesses has increased over the years as compared to other conventional marketing channels. The fact is quite evident from the statistics revealed in 2016 State of Small Business Report according to which about 54% of small businesses are found pursuing email marketing practices for generating quality leads and high return on investment for their companies.
Let’s have a look at the reasons which makes email marketing the best practice for expanding customer reach and growing business.

Targeted Marketing Approach
Emails are sent to only targeted customers and not to anyone. Customers who are interested in your products or who has shown some inclination towards your businesses in one or the other way can be communicated via an email sent to their correct email address.

When a customer visits your website and subscribes to your email newsletter, they fill in their details to permit you for further conversations. Specific marketing messages can be sent to them based on the data they have provided you in the initial interaction. Each subscriber can be approached with a tailored email with relevant content and offers that might be useful to them, making your marketing tactics more target-specific.

Personalized Communication
Through email campaigns, small businesses can get access to the inboxes of key decision-makers of any organization in any industry. Conveying a message that these busy bees can read at their convenience in the privacy of their personal space helps brands in establishing a personalized communication and winning the trust of their audience. Emails, when sent to the right address, can help is building direct and personal connection, keeping the business transaction highly confidential and private which is crucial especially in a B2B market.

Results are Measurable
Any marketing practice can fail or even work in favor of your business. But that is not what the problem is. The concern lies in the question that whether the tactic you are opting for is paying off or not. While most of the techniques fail to answer that, email marketing stands up front in helping you analyze its performance using various internet tools. Marketers can measure the click-through rate (CTR), response rate, and other metrics needed to be tracked for evaluating the email campaign performance.

Why Buying an Email List is Useful?
Before taking up email marketing as your next strategy, don’t forget to look for a reliable B2B email list provider who can provide an accurate and verified list of your targeted customers. Many would recommend building list on your own without seeking help from experts. But, remember list building activities require a lot of time and expertise and loopholes in it can put your brand’s reputation in negative lights. So, it would be recommendable to rely on trusted shoulders who are trained and experienced to their job.

There are many email database providers in the industry trying to lure clients with attractive offers and discounts. But, before taking any decision on whom to choose, do a lot of market research, go through customer reviews and testimonials, check their website and social media profiles to know how credible they are and then take the final call.

The industry is changing now and then. So are the requirements and job roles of your customers. Purchasing an email list from leading vendors will help your business in reaching the right inbox with an up-to-date and validated contact details, ensuring that your messages are read by those whom you want. Rather than wasting your time on email list building, you can invest the same time in strategizing how to attract more customers and retain existing ones through email marketing campaigns while professionals take care of your needs and deliver you a resourceful database that adheres to your objectives.



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