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Taking a step further, we have introduced our SIC Code Mailing List that lets businesses to customize their list of contacts based on the four-digit industry identification code. In the US, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system based on which the government agencies classify industry verticals. It comprises four numbers that help to identify broader groups and further segment them into categories based on the SIC code. When you target businesses using SIC code, it enables you to better identify and communicate with target industries. Using our SIC-code specific Mailing and Email List, you can quickly narrow down your vast stretch of customer profiles to run personalized campaigns for an increased lead generation.

Get Accurate Records of Targeted Prospects Based on SIC code

The data you get in our SIC code based database offers high-quality information collected from reliable and trusted sources. All the data of our list comes from outlets such as trade shows, events, websites, market surveys, seminars & conferences, business directories, and much more. Further, our team validates and verifies every detail to make sure that your campaigns never fail to achieve profitable results.

Features of Our SIC Code Email List:

  • Targeted and well-segmented data
  • Maximum data accuracy and relevance
  • Reliable and Verified Contact Details
  • Comprehensive and responsive set of records

Apart from our SIC code list, we also offer customers the ease to customize their data based on other segments such as NAICS Codes, the technology used, industry, and more.