15 Ways Salesforce Helps Organization To Increase Sales Productivity      

How does Salesforce help Organizations to Increase Sales Productivity?

How does Salesforce help Organizations to Increase Sales Productivity

By Clara Lincy | Blog | September 17, 2021

Salesforce is a highly popular and leading CRM software company that caters to various industries and helps in increasing sales productivity.  Salesforce develops one of the most reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  that is different from the other traditional CRMs because it focuses on the sales methodology as it helps the sales teams as well as meets the customers’ expectations.  And this is how Salesforce helps businesses in attaining their goals and objectives.

Salesforce is a cloud technology-based CRM system that provides several tools and services for the management of the relationship with the customers. The major features of the CRM include understanding the customer’s insights and their needs to serve them accordingly.  This software not only stores the information of the client such as names, contact numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, etc.  Apart from this, the CRM system also monitors the activities of the customers in terms of emails, visiting websites, and more.

The major features of Salesforce develop customized and feature-rich applications that need not be downloaded on the devices, instead they run effectively on the web browsers through cloud computing. As such, it eliminates the need for additional hardware or software, instead provides enough storage capacity. This app helps in connecting the customers, generating the lead, and cracking the deals.

How Salesforce helps Sales Productivity?

Here we are going to discuss how Salesforce helps sales productivity and the following key reasons can help in understanding the same.

#1. Sales Team has Access to Client’s Information

Coordination is the key for the smooth workflow not only inside the organization but with the outsiders and customers. The Salesforce CRM helps the sales team by providing all the relevant information and data of the clients that are stored in the application. Thus, the sales team can take suitable action to convert the lead by contacting through appropriate channels either through emails, messages, etc., and plan the strategic marketing campaign. Besides, the list of the sales lead can be added from reliable sources such as eSalesdata.

#2. Tracking Sales Record

The sales team can monitor the data pertaining to the sales record in order to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers.  Every stage of the buyer is monitored and the most suitable method is adopted to improve the sales.  At every stage of the sales funnel, the sales team can decide what is to be done to generate the lead and how the customer will get attracted to buy the product or service.

#3. Know your customers

CRM helps the sales team in understanding the behavior, choices, and preferences of the customer through the data. Social media, website activities, etc. helps the members of the sales in understanding what the customers want.  When the sales team is able to segment the customers on the basis of their requirements, then the sales team can focus on the customer segment that is valuable and have higher chances of buying the products and services.  The sales team can redefine customer engagement strategies through the data available.

#4. Generating Reports

It becomes easier to generate several types of reports pertaining to the business, sales, customers, etc. according to various requirements.  The dashboard provides several automation features where the data can be formatted in a customized format to generate the report. Hence, the sales team need not collect the data, process it, and analyze it. Instead, the analytical report can be readily generated automatically.

#5. Easy Management of Tasks

CRM helps the sales team in keeping an account of the important tasks and responsibilities.  If in case any activity is missed, CRM can inform the member of the sales team or the entire sales team that any task is pending, the task is incomplete, the deadline is approaching or the action is yet awaited. As a result, the CRM immediately informs the sales team about the action to be taken for maintaining an effective relationship with the customers.

#6. Saves time for the sales team

With the availability of all the data and relevant information about the customers,  a lot of time is saved by the sales team.  Moreover, the sales team can prioritize the task, manage the task effectively and come up with the best strategy to cater to the customers.  The sales team can deliver a better performance as they need to focus on the major issues, tasks, and areas of concern instead of hunting the information.

#7. Cost-effective

The Salesforce CRM is also a cost-effective and efficient application that helps the sales team in understanding the highest selling products, preferences of the customers, purchase history, and the details of repeated buyers. Therefore, the sales team will use the resources in these areas to increase sales while reducing the loss of resources.

#8. Safe Storage space

Salesforce offers a lot of storage space through cloud storage of the CRM software where a lot of information is made easily accessible regarding the customers, their choices, products, services, accounts, etc. Moreover, the user, be it the sales team or the customers, need not download the data or store it on any device. In fact, they can be accessed from various locations at any time without any fear of losing the data. The data is saved in a safe and secure environment and can be accessed from any device whether it is a laptop, mobile or iPad.

#9. Connecting and Engaging Customers

The innovative and advanced CRM is able to ease out the task of the sales team by automatically generating and sending emails, push notifications, SMS, etc. whenever required.  The information sent to the customers through various mediums could be related to offers, promotions, new product launches, completion of sales, change in the sale policy, etc.  At the same time, the customers remain connected and engaged which is a sign of a healthy and long-term relationship.

#10. Lead Capturing

There are various platforms where marketers get to generate the leads by getting the contact information such as through filling the form.  As soon as the visitor clicks on the website or submits the information, the CRM immediately informs the sales team. Also, the CRM stores the details of the lead for further follow-up and taking the next course of action for conversion.

#11. Better Customer Service

CRM helps in serving the customers better and faster, effectively and accurately.  The CRM collects the information of the customers and with the acquired database and the technology will provide the customers not just information but also resolve their issues. The customers can check the status of the order, return status, complain ticket, solutions to the queries, and more without human intervention. Thus, the sales and customer service team is relieved from the burden and stress of fetching information, gathering data and providing solutions to the queries raised by the customers.

#12. Integrated with other applications

CRM can be integrated with other software such as Accounting software where the accounts of the customers can be linked to determine the total amount of sales in the quarter, sales trends, returns, etc. The integration feature helps the sales team in assessing the number of sales made to a customer, and if payment is received.  This helps the sales team in keeping a tab easily on the payment and managing the account that involves repeated transactions of higher value.

#13. Finding the customers

According to a recent study, it was found that 79% of the marketing leads are never converted into sales.  This is because the sales team either fails to serve them or understands the customers. With the help of Salesforce, the sales team can find the right customers and save time in fetching their details.  Once information is gathered, it becomes easy to create a connection by targeting the future leads and increasing the sales.

#14. Collaboration with the team

With the help of the chat feature, the team members can communicate among themselves for sharing and gathering information.  The sales team can communicate with the members despite the distance of location or difference in the time zone.   Not only you can communicate with a single member, but the chat feature also enables you to add more members, discuss and schedule the tasks for attaining sales.  At the same time, all the members of the team are aware of the recent updates in the sales.

#15. Enhance employees productivity

The availability of all the data and information related to the customer through CRM helps the employees by making the database readily handy. As such, the employees are saved from the task of fetching the data and can focus on other tasks and responsibilities. The sales team can also access all the details related to the customers such as their past records, preferences, buying behavior, etc.  Thus, with the automated feature, the productivity of the employees is increased.

Hence, considering the above benefits and features, it is suggested that Salesforce CRM is a time-saving, cost-saving, and productivity-enhancing software application that can be employed in various industries. The evolution of Salesforce over a period of time  has been a boon for the sales team. And on the other hand, it also provides the customers with the relevant information to gather information or resolve any query. And this is how Salesforce helps businesses by making the workflow convenient, fast, and accurate through automatic processes.


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