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Retail Industry Email Database

The retail food industry is considered one of the largest consumer sectors in the world and accumulates more than $5 trillion every year. In fact, the consumers across the globe spend an average of 30% of their income on food supplies, making the retail food industry one of the most pivotal among developing countries.

There are scores of products that retailers (especially large retail chains) require to keep their stores up and running, including goods that range from digital weighing machines to advanced CRM applications and services that run the gamut from HR to cost planning and interior decoration.

If you are in a position to market your offerings to the retail food industry, eSalesData is primed and ready to help you find the right customers! Some industries that will find an accessible audience within the retail food sector include, food manufacturers, processing units, wholesalers, volume distributors, advertising agencies and myriad other service providers.

When you work with eSalesData we’ll help you build painstakingly compiled lists that make all the difference when it comes to improving your conversion rate. By allowing you to target your campaigns toward top executives and purchase managers at food stores around the world you’ll be able to close bigger deals, faster! And when you work with eSalesData, we’ll help you get in touch with,

  • C-level Executives
  • Vice Presidents
  • Regional Heads
  • Directors
  • Procurement Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Personnel
  • And hundreds more

Lists are updated every 90 days to ensure 90% deliverability. And all leads come with critical marketing information that includes first name, last name, title, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email, SIC code, postal address and zip code.


For more information on how you can improve your marketing ventures with Retail Industry Email List, call us today at 1-877-728-9624 or email us at [email protected].

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