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Phone Appending Services

Grab a quality list of phone numbers of your targeted prospects with the help of eSalesData’s Phone Appending Services.

We offer you an accurate phone numbers list that can add value to your existing database and support your telemarketing campaigns.

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    If you intend to incorporate telemarketing into your sales strategy, then having an accurate list of phone numbers is essential. Without the right data, your phone calls are going to go unanswered. With eSalesData’s phone appending services, you can be sure that the data you receive from us is current. Our state-of-the-art appending systems can rapidly match telephone numbers to names and postal addresses available in your existing database to give you access to a cleaner, targeted, and responsive marketing database.

    Although a traditional practice, telemarketing has been popular among marketers. Even in the digital age, businesses leverage phone calls to speak to customers directly and in real-time. Through phone calls, they get to hear customer response, feedback, and opinion straight from their mouth. As a result, sales and marketing calls are still prevalent. Keeping the present scenario and customer requirements, we have developed the best-in-class phone appending services that provide a qualified list of phone numbers to add value to your existing database.

    Challenges that Phone Appending Service Addresses

    Telemarketing can help open a plethora of marketing opportunities for business of any size, type, and industry. However, marketers face a lot of challenges while leveraging phone calls to connect with customers and promote their brand. The most common hindrance is that phone numbers often become obsolete, inactive or irrelevant. This happens because customers keep on changing their job or location, resulting in the change of their phone number. As a result, it becomes essential for businesses to have a database that offers up-to-date data to address their needs.

    Also, there are other reasons too for which prospects may change their number. They may upgrade their network provider to a new one and may even get additional numbers for communication. Responding to the changes require marketers to stay alert and equipped with the relevant contact details. This is where the need to have phone appending arises.

    With our phone append services, we provide businesses access to active and updated phone numbers so that no matter what reason the prospect changes his number, they never go out of touch.

    Benefits of Our Phone Appending Service

    • High match rates: We guarantee up to 80% matches for residential numbers and 70% for B2B contacts.
    • Quality Data – The data we provide comes from authentic sources that are entirely trusted and reliable. All input and output data is automatically ranked on the basis of quality and accuracy.
    • Performance- based pricing – You only pay for the number of contacts appended. There are no unnecessary financial burdens.
    • Improved customer service- When we fill your database with correct phone numbers, you can better engage with prospects and work on improving your customer service.

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