Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay per click (PPC) is the ideal solution for when you need to increase traffic to your website; sales campaigns, product/service launch, etc.

PPC is generally understood to be cheap, as you pay only when a person clicks your advertisement; however, those with a deeper understanding of how PPC works will know that, unless your campaign is managed professionally, you may end up spending way beyond your budget and achieve little in terms of profit.

This Gives You Three Options

  1. Do not opt for PPC
  2. Run the campaign by yourself
  3. Entrust all campaign management efforts to an experienced agency


Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and others offer to place your advertisement at the top of result pages, for a fee; the fee is determined by the type of the keyword and the quality of your website. This, in essence, is also how PPC works..

Junk traffic can drain your resources. Badly phrased keywords may attract too much inadvertent traffic, which again sucks away money, without delivering actual results. For example, a generic keyword such as “auto parts” may attract 100 clicks a day, but if you sell specialized spares for a high-end car; you will be paying for each of the 100 clicks and none of them may be your potential customers.

Considering, the nuances of PPC, you may be diverting too much of your time in monitoring the results, evaluating the keywords and so on instead of focusing on your core business.

Rely upon Experience

eSalesData has acquired valuable experience in managing PPC marketing for many customers. We know how to optimize for specific and effective keywords, when the ad should be displayed and how to calculate the returns versus budget allocations.

Contact us eSalesData now; and our sales team will be happy to tell you how YOU can benefit from effective pay-per-click solutions.