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Overview of Email Appending [Infographics]


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What is Email Appending?


Email appending or e-appending is a process of updating or adding missing email addresses to the customer profiles within an existing database.

Email Appending

Why You Need Email Appending Services?


  • To support business expansion plans through B2B email marketing.
  • Fill in the missing email contacts to stay up-to-date and relevant.
  • Revamp current email database to have access to latest email ids.
  • Stay competitive and target better with multichannel data access.

Types of Email Appending Services Available


  • Business Email Appending – Using company names, postal ids, and other details to fetch email ids of business decision-makers, IT professionals, and marketing experts.
  • Consumer Email Appending – Fetching the email addresses of consumers using consumer name, postal address, and other existing list details.
  • Reverse Email Appending – Appending the email list to fill other missing details like company name, postal information, etc.

How does Email Appending Process work?


  • Customer submits their postal database for appending.
  • Then, the provider matches your file with their master directory.
  • Missing details are filled with accurate email addresses
  • Your appended list is ready to boost email marketing.

Benefits of Email Appending


  • Expansion of customer base with the addition of email addresses.
  • Opportunities for multichannel marketing for brand promotion.
  • Better prospect targeting and improved brand visibility globally.
  • Getting access to a responsive, active, and accurate list of contacts.

What Makes eSalesData the Best Email Appending Service Provider?


  • Updated and authentic database of more than 75 million B2B contacts.
  • Email addresses are relevant and fetched from trusted data sources.
  • A team of data experts performs the appending task with expertise.
  • Email appending services designed to save your marketing budget
  • Reduced bounce rate with thorough and detailed appending.
  • Delivers better results with increased lead counts and revenue.

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