7 Ways to Make the Online Virtual Conference Successful      

7 Ways to Make the Online Virtual Conference Successful

Online Virtual Conference

By Angelina Smith | Blog | May 26, 2020

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way the business world works. It is a sudden outbreak, and even big companies were not prepared for immediate lockdown. Companies are either canceling events and conferences or postponing them. However, with no surety of when will the global pandemic take its last breath and end, we need a quick fix to keep the business running. Many companies have chalked out a plan to move to an online virtual conference system. This will safeguard the health of the dear employees and clients (by social distancing) as well as keep the show going.

Virtual conferencing is no new story. However, many are unfamiliar about the meeting planners. It is becoming essential for the managers to have a successful virtual conference event as the motive should be solved. The keynote speakers need to understand the value of conferencing and convey the same to other employees. Let us deeply understand the seven ways that can make your online virtual conferencing successful.

Use videos at all possible times

You cannot expect the audience to be engaged in slide-based presentations. Most webinar platforms have the option of video conferencing. As a company, you should use that to the most. When your employees or clients can see the speaker in the virtual conferencing, it engages them in a personalized manner. If due to network hurdles, video is not available, then consider having a brief session. Too long video conferencing events can lose the interest of the participants. Therefore, specify a standard time like an hour keynote or something to cover the entire presentation.

Look for the best available audio option

One of the main reasons why people feel disengaged in a virtual conferencing is due to poor sound quality. If they are unable to listen to the speaker clearly, they may lose interest. They will want to disconnect the call due to constant voice breakage. With the help of a professional A/V equipment, you can eradicate the scope of lousy video conferencing event. The most reliable alternate will be dependent on the situation. If the speaker is in a low-connectivity zone, then a landline connection might work best. However, if connectivity is not a problem, then a standard wired microphone could work best. The key to overcome these issues is to test everything well before starting the event. Use the tried and tested methods for video conferencing.

Customized presentations

As we all know, a physical office presentation is very different from an online virtual conferencing. The participants are visible through a screen. You cannot extend the time aimlessly. It has to create a productivity zone for all. The presentations that work well in a live venue might not fit perfectly to a virtual one. Therefore, speakers have to customize the display in favor of a virtual conference. They must use straight language, which is easily understandable. Twisted conversations won’t work for virtual ones.

Keep the session engaging

It is solely dependent on the size of the audience to keep the course engaging. By using audience polling features, even the large virtual conferences can be made interactive. Many platforms provide the option to submit questions. You can designate a Q&A session at the end of the virtual conferencing meeting. Make sure the items are answered and engage the audience in having clarity.

Provide takeaway material

The experience of in-person events is different from the virtual environment. The energy in the conference room, brainstorming discussion, and networking opportunities provide a robust takeaway to the audience. To give the same kind of experience on virtual conferencing, you can attempt to elevate the value added to the participants. Though this might not be a perfect takeaway, offering a coupon of a digital copy for the participants through the email marketing strategy can boost their interest. Although this might not be an ideal substitute, it will provide some additional value to remote participants.

Have a backup for technical issues

Online virtual conferencing events are conducted in a well-controlled manner, where the skilled professionals like A/V technicians oversee the entire event to keep a check if any unexpected hurdles occur. It is essential to develop contingency plans for any technical eruptions. This will help you sail smoothly throughout the virtual conferencing event.

Keep your titles and descriptions crisp

Since most virtual conferences lack uniformity of events. Many online activities are dependent on emails, social media posts, and other platforms. It becomes essential to present a chain of crisp events that started with brief and unique titles to grab the attention of the audience. They should know the subject of the event before attending it. The titles and descriptions should be descriptive and compelling in tone.


Online virtual events may not be that comfortable for many participants. However, with these ways mentioned above, you can surely save the havoc of disturbances and make it one productive event. During this pandemic, we are unaware of when things will fall back to normalcy. We believe the current mundane to be the new normal. To keep the business running smoothly, some relentless efforts are mandatory. With the right delivery of initiatives, you can perform your virtual conferencing meetings as useful as physical meetings, if not better.

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