September 11, 2013: Competition is fierce and present in every breath of air. However competition can take a bad turn when in the fury of ranking ahead companies conduct unethically and this is what one of the good aged competitor of eSalesData did.

A mislead rip off report slammed by the competitor had definitely affected the branding, but not for long. The effective service team took the matter in hand and solved the issue in limited time. And if you are still thinking why eSalesData was targeted? Well, serving some of the best leads within the industry in record breaking time and generating maximum campaign responses are their specialties.

Credibility is bestowed to only those who perform and eSalesData has always believed in over-performing whether in areas of quality of mailing lists, deliverability ratio or data appending services and top of all “customer service” as a whole.

Still if the eSalesData miss a chance of satisfying customers in any length of service;
• We immediately contact our customers to have a detailed conversation on requirement.
• Prepare a specialized sales lead list as per discussion.
• Keep in touch consistently to map the list status.
• And, still if the respected client has any issues (rare cases considering eSalesData expertise in mailing lists) we go to the extent of refunding.

So stop believing in rumors and instill your faith in evidence. Go through some of the successful case studies in following links and contact us today for more information at 1-877-728-9624 or email us at