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Why MMS Makes For A Great Marketing Tool!

Multimedia messaging has been around since the early 2000’s and despite a few hiccups during its inception the technology has spread like wild fire with over 1.5 billion users as of 2010. The service generates almost $26 billion a year and that figure is on the rise with the introduction of 4G, high-resolution camera phones.

What makes MMS such a great marketing tool is that you it features the lightning fast delivery times of SMS along with added features that include images, video, audio and animation. This allows you to deliver more powerful advertisements that can engage the recipient on multiple sensory levels. The following article will explain why MMS is such a handy marketing medium, regardless of your product or service.

User Interest

While SMS only manages to send a plain text message, MMS allows you to generate far more user interest with richer message content. Videos and interactive media are a much stronger advertising medium, especially when delivered to a mobile platform. This in turn will boost your response rates and result in higher sales.

Viral Marketing Power

Given the marketing power of MMS, your messages have a much higher probability of going viral. Users aren’t very likely to forward a simple, 160-character offer or discount notification to everyone in their address book. An engaging video or picture coupled with marketing content, however, is a sure-fire way to raise brand awareness and increase recall value.

Wide Coverage

Less than 25% of users, worldwide, use smart phones. On the other hand 90% of today’s phones can view, create and send an MMS. This allows you to craft an interactive experience that almost the entire mobile user community can engage with through a relatively inexpensive platform. Plus, user-created content can go a long, long way in promoting your brand.

User Content

Since MMS supports user created content, you have the option to create contests and forums where users can showcase videos, images, animations, etc. This can build consumer trust, and when paired with a link to a web address, boosts your web traffic significantly.

Targeted Campaigns

Multimedia marketing gives you much better scope for targeted campaigns that plain-text SMS. With much richer content platform comes the ability to craft messages that can create a desired impact on specific audiences. You can use this advantage to segment your prospects and carry out a sustained, targeted marketing campaign.

Personal Platform

Mobiles are a personal communication device that most people carry about with them at all times. By investing in MMS marketing you gain the ability to send interactive and engaging messages directly to a consumer and achieve nearly 100% open rates. Plus, you dispense with the need to pass through a gazillion spam filters.

Integrated Marketing

You can combine multimedia marketing with other digital marketing endeavors like social media to deliver a seamless advertising experience. In addition you can post offers, new products and even send personalized greetings to your customers via MMS and direct them to larger, more powerful marketing mediums like a website or an online catalogue.