Memorial Day Discount From eSalesData! 20% Off ALL B2B Mailing Lists

17th May, 2012: Have your sales been slowing down? Do you think your enterprise could benefit from a shot in the arm to get some impetus flowing? Well, one mailing list company has got exactly what you need.

This week, the folks at eSalesData commemorate Memorial Day with an offer that will get your sales team in a frenzy of euphoria. From May 23rd to June 1st, the data solutions provider is offering 20% off on all purchases of $10,000 and above!

eSalesData provides mailing lists and prospect databases to sales-driven organizations that are looking to make in-roads into new markets or capture old ones. The company and its consistently testify to the unimpeachable quality of their data, making this offer one of the most delicious surprises to have hit the markets lately.

According to marketing VP, Mark Stevens, ‘Our organization is committed to giving companies a faster way to find and close deals, regardless of the industry or vertical they choose to target”. And That statement certainly rings true with eSalesData dishing out data that allows marketers to focus on nearly every industrial and consumer sector imaginable.

“All our information goes through a multi-stage security check that tags and deletes obsolete and inaccurate records. That’s just one reason why our clients continue to use our services to fuel their sales drives”, said Stevens.

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