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Marketing Automation Tips to Improve Conversion

Simple Marketing Automation Tips to Improve Conversion

By Clara Lincy | Blog | August 11, 2021

One of the key B2B marketing strategies in the digital world is marketing automation. A lot of tasks which involve repetitive handling on the part of marketing personnel can be efficiently taken care of through marketing automation. In addition to that, it can also tackle a lot of problem areas in marketing which are beyond human reach. Marketing automation saves time, money and effort and makes the marketing process easier, simpler and faster.

Lead conversion is a vital area of a B2B marketing strategy. Marketing automation delivers on this front with stellar results. There are several marketing tools which effectively handle the journey of lead engagement, nurturing and conversion and these tools are inexpensive too. These tools help you analyze and improve your website’s conversion rate.

Let us look at some of the marketing automation tips in the realm of email marketing. These are also steps which generate leads and can be considered as lead conversion tips.

Email Marketing Strategies for Increased Engagement

Initial step in email marketing is to finalize your B2B marketing list or B2B email list. Once you have that in place, there are various methods in which you may undertake your email marketing campaign.

#1.Arresting Subject Line

Whether it is on a laptop or a tab or a mobile, the first thing that gets noticed when you send out an email is the subject line. Make your headline enticing and eye-catching. Make it irresistible for the subscribers to scroll away without clicking to open your email. Even as you make the headline absorbing, keep it relevant and useful for the customers.

#2.Be Concise

Like any average Joe, members of your targeted email list too have their own commitments and life to lead. You can’t let your email content look bulky and unwieldy. People today have very short attention spans. You need to keep your messages short-and-sweet and still convey what you want to. Brevity is of great utility when you want to keep the subscribers engrossed. They are sure to return asking for more.

#3.Attractive Content

The following are some of the effective ways to generate leads.

 When the mails to your B2B mailing list contain images, animated gifs, graphics or videos, they are bound to pique the curiosity of your customers. Even your text messages could make do with appealing phrases and catchy lines. It is your responsibility to offer quality material to subscribers who have chosen to open and read your mails. Always make your email something to look forward to, for your customers.

#4.Personalize your Email

Your B2B marketing list would contain subscribers who are your loyal customers and prospects. Most of the members of the mailing list would be familiar with your products and services and you in turn would be informed of their likes and tastes. Therefore, it would be incumbent upon you to formulate your emails with a personal touch. Your customers are bound to feel you are talking to them on a one-to-one basis even through a group mail. This results in greater chances of your B2B email list members getting emails that they like and thus building a stronger bond with your business.

#5.Segmentation of Email Lists

You can segment your targeted email list on the basis of demographic details like age, gender, profession, location et al. Once you have your B2B email list thus classified, it is much simpler to send emails which are customized as per the demands and preferences of customers in each list. This is another variation of personalization of emails.

#6.Call-to-Action that is Effective

While your emails to targeted email list are aimed towards engaging your subscribers, you also need certain emails which interact with them. You need to include a clear and prominent call-to-action which prods and provokes your customers to click through and visit your website.

As a follow-up, you need to probe whether your customers can spot your call-to-action and does your email copy prompt a click from them. These steps go a long way in generating leads and keeping them engaged.

#7.Made for Mobiles

According to a study, people check their emails at a much higher frequency with their mobiles than they used to earlier. You need to design your emails keeping in mind their mobile optimization aspect. This increases the efficacy of your messages and makes for better engagement with your B2B marketing list of subscribers.


If your emails to targeted email list of customers have a monotonous feel to them, it may veer them off opening your mails. Get innovative and experiment with the content of your emails to keep your customers intrigued and interested. As it is said, variety is the spice of life.

Marketing Automation Tools

Here is a list of some of the important marketing automation tools:


Zoho can facilitate managing your online campaigns, collecting data related to leads and nurturing of leads in an efficient manner.


This tool handles monitoring the traffic on social media platforms, manage social media campaigns and also handle conversion of leads


It is a tool which does an excellent job when it comes to customer retention. Getting a new customer is far more expensive than retaining an existing customer.The tool also provides a range of email marketing templates to design marketing emails. It also enables you to run A/B testing to test the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.


This handles the stage after lead conversion where bill payment is involved. This sales automation tool can be a good value addition to your repertoire.It can also help you simulate a shopping experience for the benefit of a newly acquired lead.


This is a tool which takes up the task of detecting leads based on their activities on the social media platforms and can be utilized as a “prospecting” mechanism.This is a tool which specializes in tracking the leads based on their social media behavior.


Generating leads, nurturing and converting them are one of the challenging facets of any digital marketing strategy. Marketing automation tools and strategies can assist businesses achieve better management of leads. B2B marketers have gradually begun to realize the significance of marketing automation and adopting it during their marketing campaigns.


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