Look outs for 2014 – Marketing Tips

Content stands out of the crowd again!

Yes, you heard it right. 2014 will be dominated by content marketing as people are dying for the information and those who provides it wins the day. 73% of marketers are producing more contents from what they did in previous year. 93% of B2B marketers are using the contents to promote their services or products and the numbers may reach all time high in 2014. 73% of B2B firms have associated with content managers to reach the next level of business.

Next year is still two months away, but your resolution in business perspective has to be tabled at the earliest for positive results. Adopting simple and intuitive, yet a comprehensive solution will produce accurate results, thus integrates, accelerates and promotes business to desired state. Few credible look outs for the prospective year:

Slide Share, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

Visual content: the next big thing in marketing landscape has crossed the border to make an impression. B2B agencies are seriously revising their strategy to create more number of presentations for better visibility. 90% of customers find custom content very useful than the traditional content. 78% consumers believe those who provide custom contents are interested in building positive relations with them. Was it Pinteresting?

 Yellow Page, Yahoo Local, Google Local

Where would you search if you need any address or numbers? Don’t you think posting your website information on directories could turn out fruitful to your business?  Of course it does the job.  Share your website with every best directory in the world to get noticed.


The big daddy is here, but Facebook and Twitter is certainly not leaving the scene anytime soon. With 540 million active users, it is definitely a social media player to look out for in the year 2014. It promises many innovative concepts such as hangouts which are deemed to be addictions of the hour.

Videos are going to be hot!!

One thing you could not avoid doing in 2014 is VIDEO. Yes, it acquires more landscape than anything else now. People want to see the contents in virtual format which demands more efforts and expertise than usual. Hundred hours video is been uploaded to YouTube every hour and viewed by maximum viewers. In particular, short movies are getting better and better every day. Marketing gurus has labeled it has a hot thing to watch out in coming days.