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Like and Share – Marketing Tricks

Hitting the buttons are enough to get the job done these days. B2B Marketers accept this fact and those who don’t, learn why you should move on!

Social media overshadows entire business world and dominate when it comes to marketing. It is important to identify requirement at the earliest to avoid losing potential opportunities. At the end of day, we need to get the job done and improve the brand visibility. Affiliating to social media like Facebook will improve the chances of making it to next level in business.

Hit the Button

Are you coy? Then, what is stopping you from demonstrating your content in online world? Provide niche buttons on your website for sharing the contents published. It will increase your website visibility and B2B followers.

Surveys suggest that investing on social media has increased customers response. Immediate ROI can be established compared to other strategies. Do you know why social media is compelling? It is one of the effective way to connect with emotional side of consumers. Average amount of time spent by a person on Facebook per month is 15 hours, 33 minutes. Hence, chances of you being noticed in internet world are very high compared to any other platforms.

Share Vs Like – The Big Debate

There is a long debate over integrating Share and Like button. Study shows having both could end up in resulting higher B2B leads for the product or service. Share score high over Like when it comes to B2B marketing as it attaches an affinity score to the post shared. It carries higher score and reach to the business. In business every little things count when it comes to getting your content found online.

Still not convinced to have the buttons? 700 billion minutes per month is spent by people on Facebook.

Customize Business

Writing niche contents is not enough, getting followers to that post matters. Being relevant and precise to the details is need of the hour. It does not take a miracle to get the business streamlined, working on basics does. If Facebook creates a channel for positive engagement, deliver the right keys to it for better exposure. There are 1.4 billion users and 11% of entire earth is using the tool to communicate. 70 billion contents are posted every month to pursue more demand for B2B engagements.  What more could you ask for? Implement buttons and get the job done!