Ultimate Guide for Facebook Engagement (Info graphic)      

Ultimate Guide for Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

By Clara Lincy | Infographics | September 12, 2014

Facebook has become a widely popular social media channel to network and connect with people from across the globe. Even businesses today are increasingly investing on Facebook campaigns to increase followers and expand market reach. Posting at the right time and on the right day of the week can help acquire new customers as 92% of professionals agree that Facebook has helped them in customer acquisition. Making relevant posts and sharing engaging content is helping companies grow their business through a global network of customers.

Facebook Engagement

  • 31.4% Talking About This (Audience)
  • 14.6% Talking About This (Minus New Fans Audience
  • 6.1% Daily Engagement (Audience)
  • 4.7% Daily Page Engagement (Reach)
  • 4.6% Average Post Engagement (Reach)
  • 2.6% Average Post Engagement (Audience Size)

How much much is good ?

  • Above engagement 1% rate is good
  • 0.5% — 0.9% is average
  • Any below 0.5% engagement likely means that you need to realign your messages to that of audience’s expectations.

Get Likeable — Be Viral

  • Around 92% of professionals have acquired a customer through facebook :
  • Posts with images receive 39% more interaction rates, higher than average
  • Short posts 80 characters or less get 23% higher interaction rates

Use Emoticons to get :

Asking Fans to CAP that (writing captions of photos you post) increases comments bY 5 times
25% of people who use facebook & kwikkey to launch a complaint about brands expect a response within an hour
6% expect one within 10 minutes

Beat this — Each fan engaged assures 34 more reachable friends

Follow Facebook system : facebook using this system determine where and how your posts shows up in a user’s news feed. Use it diligently.

Great Time to post :

EST 3 PM is undoubtedly best time. Weekdays 1pm-4pm

Worst Time to post :

Links posted after 8pm and before 8 am is the absolute worst time .
Weekends after 4pm


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