Black Friday : Pros of Powerful Campaign Management Solutions      

Learning from Black Friday: 4 Ultimate Merits Of Having Powerful Campaign Management Solutions

BLack Friday E-Sales

By Clara Lincy | Blog | November 24, 2017

Year after year, it is not just the retailers who make the most out of clever campaign tactics.

Enter Black Friday, and it marks the beginning of one of the most favourite season in America and many parts of the world where shoppers throng the stores to grab irresistible deals. Until a decade ago, the B2C industry has seen increased footfalls, but then the trend caught on amongst B2B industry where year after year prospects are ushered into offers and discounts that are aggressively challenged and counter-challenged by competitive marketers. In the season’s peak, shoppers are seen forming a beeline at big box stores, while others choose to build their shopping carts from the comfort of their homes and offices. As the season presses ahead into Cyber Monday, the experience intensifies because consumer goodies are not the only items up for sale. The B2B marketers are seen vying for a share of your wallet with promotions on heavily discounted solutions and services. It gives B2B shoppers a strong impulse to spend their dollars on discounted offerings.

The Advantages Of a Campaigns Management Solution

The Promotional strategy otherwise simply referred as trade campaigns in consumer sector helps managing promotions and assessing their response. Choosing ideal campaign solutions can marginally tune up your campaign efficiency to yield more ROI. It offers plasticity to optimize campaigns within the ambit of your target markets without going overboard with the spending.

Assimilating dependable promotion management software keeps you vested in generating quality conversions because the software will offer answers to which approach will lead to unobstructed flow within sales funnel and which products are likely to outshine the rest. Many complex duties are taken care of by promotion management software freeing you from other minor tasks.

It is critical for marketing managers to keep track of the buying behaviour. The historical data from old transactions can reveal many attributes that define a qualified prospect. Data such as ideal pricing and the motivating factor can be invaluable to marketers for targeting shoppers for positive results. Integrating a campaign management tool within your sales automation software or CRM could amplify the results through accurate insight.

4 Key Merits Of Having Robust Campaign Management Solutions:

1. Conveniently Manage Campaigns

Marketers face the ultimate challenge while optimizing promotions for better response. The discounts can bring a customer’s attention to where the marketers want them. But, it can drastically affect the profit margins. A sophisticated discount planning is necessary to do away with rogue discounting. The highly advanced campaign management system depends on cutting edge algorithms that will take into account the variables of customer behaviour to formulate discounts that are profitable to sales marketers. As a result, you will gain a greater level of accuracy by optimizing your future campaigns.

2. Micro Target Prospects to amplify ROI

Sales promotions can bump the sales volume and the speed of pipeline movement by readying prospects into customers. However, in the B2B realm, not every customer responds to discounts identically or predictably. The B2B customers are highly specific about their needs and can pose a challenge to time-crunched marketers. Marketers are often driven to a point where it is an utmost necessity to create a focused campaign that is crafted based on the knowledge obtained from a prospect’s interest.

Proven campaign management tools allow micro-targeting prospects based on role, region, and many other aspects making them highly accurate. The integration into campaign management software can help structuring campaigns that incentivise customers to buy, while simultaneously boosting marketer’s revenue.

3. Continuously Test and Optimize campaigns

It is often important to understand how the campaigns function in real time. Implement A/B tests to determine the efficiency of campaigns in succession. Testing promotions within the proximity of a particular channel can help optimize your strategy on the go.

4.Boosting engagement with Campaign Management Solutions

Sales automation tools are much more than mere task management resource. It holds the potential to transform a business from the ground up. It can make the movement within sales cycle a frictionless process leading to the faster conversion of deals. Having an integrated campaign management solution gives marketers the leverage to get noticed in shrinking markets with greater efficiency. A centralized campaign management can make deployment of promotions in a planned manner making sales engagement far more productive.

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