Lead Management: 4 Reasons where It Won’t Work      

Lead Management: 4 Reasons where It Won’t Work

Lead Management Process

By Clara Lincy | Blog | August 27, 2019

Lead management is an essential process in an organization. It needs the right monitoring and streamlined approach, so that, only the qualified lead gets added into the database.

As organizations struggle to increase revenue and sales, lead management has a crucial role in bringing positive growth in an organization. In the current scenario, a marketer should be aware of the circumstances, where lead management won’t work:

1. Measuring success based on the cost


An organization which manages leads based on the cost per lead, needs to rethink and revamp their strategy. It’s time they give priority to quality over quantity, as a quality lead can only help in closing the deal.

Most of the sales representatives in an organization complain about the quality of the lead. When a lead does not get converted, they become demotivated. It also kicks off the blame-game where both the teams wants to put the ball in other’s court. A well-planned approach to attract only the quality leads can make the lead management process an efficient one.

2. Outdated technology


Lead management hugely depends on technology. If an organization is using obsolete technology, then there are high chances of losing the lead. A regular follow-up is necessary, and outdated technology reduces the chances of connecting with high-quality leads at the right time.

3. Unsystematic follow-up


When there is no proper follow-up on the leads, then it is unlikely that they will move on to the later stage of the conversion process. It eventually means that they are never going to become paying customers. You stand a high chance of losing out the potential customers to your competitors.

4.The one-time customer


You will have many customers who have purchased your service a single time, never to come back. Although you were able to convert them at that time but at the present scenario could not convince them to purchase additional services.

If you are looking for an effective lead management solution, then you have to manage these leads efficiently. Understanding their constraints and why they do not want to return to your services will significantly improvise your service.

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Lead management is an important process in an organization and should be nurtured at every stage for avoiding leads going down the drain. It would be a loss for both the marketing and sales team as with little extra effort and tactics the lead could have got converted.

The time and money invested by the marketing team for generating a lead should not be overlooked, and the process should be made effective and efficient.

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