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Attorney Email List and Mailing List

Reach lawyers to make connections that translate into business deals using eSalesData’s accurate and targeted Attorney Email List.

Our comprehensive Attorneys Email database consists of more than 150,000 contacts to help connect with Corporate Lawyers, Contract Lawyers, Employment Lawyers,  Personal Injury Lawyers and others.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Lawyers Email List

Attorney Email List simplifies your search for legal professionals. We provide custom built verified email address for facilitating business communications with legal executives. Our multichannel database helps you to promote your law-related products and services via email, telephone, and direct mail campaigns. When you opt for our B2B Email List of your targeted audience, you get complete information about them including their full name, postal and email addresses, telephone and fax number, and so.

Lawyers are a relatively high wealthy market sector and make an excellent target for a range of products and services. Most of the profession is divided into sole practitioners and attorneys affiliated with law firms who have business need similar to small enterprises. These lawyers represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, and manage or advise clients on legal transactions.

In the B2B market, transactions include business deals of expensive B2B services and even luxury consumer goods. If you are targeting lawyers working for B2B companies, then our targeted and accurate Attorney Mailing List can help you channel your marketing campaigns to the right customer at their active and correct address.

    Customize Attorney Email List with the Following Counts

    Attorney Categories Total Counts  Available
    Bankruptcy Attorney Email List 32,450
    Divorce Attorney Email List 25318
    Criminal Lawyer Email List 18278
    Family Lawyers Email List 25278
    Contract Lawyers Email List 53807
    Personal Injury Lawyers Email List 21178
    Law Firms Email List 418,218
    Attorney Categories Total Counts  Available
    General Practice Attorney Email List 15000
    Government Lawyers Mailing List 10000
    Real Estate Lawyer Mailing List 9000
    Medical Malpractice Attorney Email List 7000
    Employment Attorneys Email List 8000
    Environmental Attorneys Mailing List 7000
    Administrative Law Attorney Email Lists 13000

    *Due to the frequent updates to our Attorney Email Database, the counts may vary accordingly. Please contact for the recent counts*

    Data Sources for collating Attorney Mailing List

    We make sure your message goes out to thousands of lawyers and attorneys all over the continental USA, Europe, UK, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and other regions across the globe.

    All the records available in the lawyers email database comes from reliable and trusted sources such as the National Bar Association, journals, disciplinary agencies, court systems, bar examiners, seminars, websites and other proprietary sources.

    Going further, we also verify each detail and cross-check Lawyers email address validity and relevance in the present time.

    Get Customized Attorney Email Database as per Business Requirements

    As a B2B marketer pitching his products and services to attorneys, if you have chosen our Attorney email database, you have reached the right destination.

    Our Lawyers email list is among the top ranked databases of their particular category. Our database is constantly verified, refreshed, updated and validated. It consists of only the active and responsive email addresses.

    We also take care of customizing the contact details of Attorney email address list as per your needs and requirements so that it enables you to reach these lawyers quicker and with efficiency. An expert team of data specialists has spent countless hours to make our database optimally relevant and useful to your marketing purposes.

    If you request us for a customized list of attorneys, then based on the information you give us, we shall be readily available to draw up such a database which is in keeping with your requirements. Such a customized list can help you reach out to lawyers from the nook and corner of the country and collect new prospects.

    Our email list gives you a pan-US reach. It lists attorneys from the length and breadth of the country thus making it a robust and reliable database. Our Lawyers email list makes it easier and simpler to collaborate with your prospects and existing clients.

    Customize your Attorney Email Database based on the below selects

    Geographical Locations
    Job Titles/Functions
    Company Size
    SIC Code/NAICS Code
    Assets Size
    Why Buy Attorney Email List from eSalesData?

    What We Provide In Attorney Email List

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Lawyers Email List

    What are the information provided by Attorney Email list from eSalesData?

    eSalesData offers a comprehensive set of marketing data that businesses can use to communicate with attorneys, lawyers, law practitioners and other legal professionals in the field via multi-channels. There are more than 50 segments into which we have divided our Attorney Email Database. Our data can support both offline and online campaigns with the supply of the following information:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • SIC code
    • NAICS code
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • Postal address
    • Web Addresses
    • And more

    When were your Lawyers Email Address last updated?

    We use cutting-edge technology and tools to maintain the credibility and accuracy of every record available on our Lawyers Email List. A dedicated data team and researchers work day and night to authenticate and validate every data. Usually, we update all our lists at a regular interval of 3 months (90 days). Our last update happened recently, and we cross-checked every detail to keep the list error-free.

    How authentic is your Lawyers Email List?

    When it comes authenticity of our Lawyers Email List, we are unmatchable and are at par compared to other providers. All our marketing data for the list comes from trusted and reliable data sources and partner network spread across the globe. Our data scientists collect data only from genuine and credible sources like disciplinary agencies, court systems, National Bar Association, seminars, journals, law magazines, legal directories, websites, conferences, and other proprietary sources.

    Further, every record is verified and validated by our experts to eliminate any irrelevant, old or missing information. The list is kept up-to-date with the addition of new contacts at regular intervals.

    What are the data formats available in your Attorney Email Databae?

    There are various formats in which we provide you with data. Based on your preference and choice, you can select any one of the following: XLS, CSV and Text formats.


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