Intermediate Care Facility Industry Executives Email List      

Intermediate Care Facility Industry Executives Email List

In order to facilitate continued care of their patients and to maintain industry standards, most intermediate care facilities require medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals, furniture, office supplies, EMS services and several other commodities. The fact that many of these goods and services are funded by the government and public institutions means that intermediate care facilities receive large grants and are budgeted generously, making them a prime audience for the marketer looking to find a lucrative niche within the healthcare industry.

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  • Presidents
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Medical Consultants
  • Medical Directors
  • Commercial Directors
  • Administrators
  • Department Heads
  • And hundreds more!

Contacting top executives and head personnel allows you to get your marketing message out to the people truly in charge of the largest, most lucrative purchases and doing so is guaranteed to boost your ROI and improve the overall performance of your campaign.

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