The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system uses a four-digit code to classify businesses and industries into different groups dealing with products, services, production operations, and delivery system with common characteristics. Each industry division consists of a range of SIC codes that denotes the various subcategories within the particular industry. At eSalesData, we bring to you database that has been specially built based on the SIC code. Hence, if you want a targeted email list by a specific SIC code, we can deliver you the same.

About SIC Codes

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system assigned by the government of the United States for categorizing businesses and industries by a four digit numerical code. The businesses and industries are classified into various groups that deal with the products, products, services, production operations and delivery system with common characteristics.

The US government created the SIC codes in 1937 and last revised in 1987. SIC codes were mostly replaced by the six-digit NAICS code. Despite being replaced, the SIC standardized codes are still used by the government agencies like SEC for categorizing the industries that business establishments belong to by matching their business activity with similar companies.

Purpose of Creating the SIC Codes

  • To categorize and analyze the economic activities across businesses and government agencies
  • To promote consistency in the presentation of statistical data collected by various government agencies
  • To classify the business establishments for tax purposes
  • To create targeted marketing campaigns (used by business professionals)
  • To identify government contracts
  • To organize and standardize key economic data for Federal. State agencies, and private sectors
  • To evaluate the competitiveness and market position
  • To segment and research markets

SIC Codes

SIC Code Industry Counts
01-09 Agriculture-Forestry-Fishing-and-Hunting 1,829,115
10-14 Mining 142,095
15-17 Construction 4,794,894
20-39 Manufacturing 1,390,845
40-49 Transportation-Public-Utilities 3,084,831
50-51 Wholesale-Trade 3,465,804
52-59 Retail-Trade 10,605,245
60-67 Finance-Insurance-Real-Estate 6,522,900
70-89 Services 38,273,312
91-99 Public-Administration 10,864,527

What is SIC Code Lookup?

At eSalesData, we offer you the SIC code database that is specially crafted with precision based on the SIC codes. We offer you a range of SIC codes for each industry division that denotes the various subcategories within the particular industry. We can even deliver you the targeted email list based on the SIC Code.

Our SIC Code Lookup section can assist businesses to identify organizations within specific industries for marketing purposes. By determining the SIC codes for their targeted and principal clients, business entities can utilize this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry.

What can eSalesData do for you?

  • We succor you in identifying the target industry codes
  • We ensure success of your multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • We enhance your sales with our targeted SIC business lists

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